Get Creative on Your Casual Street Style with Pam Hetlinger

A casual style doesn’t have to be boring as you can refresh your looks with a few tweaks. Mind behind The Girl from Panama blog, Pam Hetlinger is a style blogger from Los Angeles, CA known for her creative casual style that might inspire you to add some flair to your weekend looks. Pam’s global experience working in London, San Francisco, and Panama in both the beauty and fashion industry, as well as collaborations with online magazines and brands such as The New York Times, Vogue Mexico, ELLE Spain and such have helped her establish a unique brand. So, keep on reading to scoop some creative tricks from Pam.

Rethink your denim staples.

chambray dress with chic bag and wedges

fringed jeans with pastel coat flared jeans with checkred top and jacket

You may look casual cool with skinny jeans and denim jackets, but can also be creative by going for fringed denim, jean culottes, chambray dress, and even flared jeans. Like Pam, you can have a dressy yet effortless look with a denim dress teamed with a chic bag and comfy sandals. Or, add some carefree feel to your casual looks with a pair of flared white jeans, printed top, and jacket. If you’re tired on wearing your favorite pair of jeans the same old way, think of altering its look by adding some frays, fringes, and even distressed features to make it look more creative.

Add some unexpected twist to your matching sets.

office vest with trousers and eyelet turtleneck striped matching set with denim jacket tied on waist striped blazer with matching shorts and chic heels

Though matching sets take the guesswork of mixing and matching your separates, adding some unexpected tweaks can make your style more creative. Like Pam, think of wearing an eyelet turtleneck top with your suit that will look creative and trendy with a metallic pair of shoes. Or, make your sporty-chic outfit more effortless my tying a denim jacket on your waist and donning a pair of cool sneakers like Pam did.

Look carefree with bohemian chokers or skinny scarves.

breezy white dress with bohemian choker and lace up heels skinny scarf with structured sailor dress cami with skinny scarf and classy coat with designer valentino heels

If you think chandelier earrings and statement necklaces are too much for a laidback look, think of bohemian chokers and skinny scarves instead that will add some carefree feel to your casual style. Like Pam, you may think of wearing a bohemian choker with your breezy white dress and a pair of lace up sandals that will make your looks feminine yet carefree. For a more modern look that will look perfectly with your urban outfits, think of long skinny scarves that will add some carefree feel to your looks.

Make your laidback look on weekends chic.

denim culottes with striped pussy bow blouse chic flared trousers with gray tee breezy dress with jeans

If you usually opt for a pair of jeans on your casual weekends, think of a chic blouse or a breezy dress that you can layer with them. Like Pam, a striped bow tie blouse will add some classy feel to your casual street looks even if you wear your most comfy pair of denim culottes. By heeding these tricks from Pam, you’ll show off your creative looks on your casual street style effortlessly.

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