Rodial GlamStick Tinted Lip Butter in Bite

Get Buttery Lips with Rodial’s Glamstick  – Rodial GlamStick Tinted Lip Butter in Bite review and swatches :

Rodial GlamStick Tinted Lip Butter in Bite


Lip products as you know are my ultimate weakness. I own far more than I can ever use in this lifetime, and despite my collection literally overflowing from the Muji drawers in which they are kept I still keep buying more.

Bad for my bank. Good for the blog.

Anyhow, as you can imagine this means that more often than not most of my lipsticks/balms/glosses never get much love, let alone finished. In fact I think Mac’s Hue is the ONLY lipstick I’ve ever used up completely. Luckily though, at the rate I’m currently applying my latest lip love it won’t be the only one for long.

Meet Rodial’s Glamstick in Bite.Rodial GlamStick Tinted Lip Butter  Bite


This futuristic looking fella has been in my possession for just over a month now, and I’m almost all out. A back up is ready and waiting already – meaning this really is true lip love.

Talking of Hue, Bite is not dissimilar in shade when swatched and more importantly applied. It gives the lips the same subtle wash of milky nude, slightly dusky pink. AMAZING. The only difference really between the two are the formulas.

While Hue is a traditional lipstick, albeit on the sheerer more natural side; Bite is a Glamstick which is a Vitamin E/Cocoa Butter enriched, Coconut flavoured tinted (well pigmented) lip butter.   

The consistency of Rodial GlamStick Tinted Lip Butter  is seriously gorgeous. Like most lip butters it’s rich and hydrating, but what I really enjoy about the Glamstick other than the shade is its lipstick form. I CAN’T stand lip products in pots!  Rodial GlamStick Tinted Lip Butter in Bite swatch


Ignore my au natural brows and unkempt hair in the pic above and simply focus on my lips for a second. How pretty is Bite? It is in my opinion the nicest my lips but butter (get it!) shade. Not too nude, not too pink – just right.

Now, a product this lovely doesn’t come cheap.  I really like my Rodial GlamStick Tinted Lip Butter in Bite ! Rodial’s Glamsticks are just under twenty quid at £19 which I know is a lot for a lip butter, but in my opinion they’re well worth it. This isn’t one of those risky pout purchases that will sit unloved in your collection, it’s so damn wearable that you won’t be able to keep it off your lips.  Well, I certainly can’t anyway!