Get an Urban-Chic Style This Fall with Lisa Olsson

If you’re living in the big city, chances are you’re already having that urban style wearing your leather jackets, trousers, and dresses. However, if you find it boring and plain, you can always make it chic. A fashion blogger from Sweden, Lisa Olsson is known for her urban-chic style that might inspire your fall looks. Just keep on reading to scoop her tricks.

You could never go wrong with a leather biker jacket.


leather-jacket-with-chunky-sweater-and-white-trousers burgundy-biker-jacket-with-urban-outfit

Whether you’re wearing a dress or an all-black outfit, a biker jacket is great for adding some edge to your street style. Like Lisa, add some edge to your all-black outfit with a burgundy biker jacket, but make it a bit feminine with a chic structured bag. Or, make your chunky sweater a bit edgy with a black leather jacket to keep you warmer on the colder days.

Opt for chic urban ensembles to dress up your fall looks.

sexy-leather-skirt-with-tweed-jacket silk-top-with-white-jeans-and-long-cardigan chunky-sweater-with-leather-skirt-and-fall-boots

Instead of resorting to distressed jeans and suede skirts, opt for chic urban ensembles that can dress up your fall looks. Instead of a cotton tank top or graphic tee, think of a silk camisole that will look urban inspired with a pair of white jeans. Just top it with a long cardigan like Lisa did, making your casual outfit work in the fall. Or, opt for a leather slit mini skirt that will go chic with tweed coats and plain tops.

Incorporate flared or wide-leg trousers with your urban tops.

biker-jacket-with-wide-leg-pants flared-pants-with-button-down-shirt flared-pants-with-crop-bomber-jacket

Flared pants and wide leg trousers may give some bohemian vibe, but you can always balance the look with urban tops like leather jackets, button-down shirts and such. To keep everything sleek, skip light colors like mustard, hot pink, pastel and such that easily looks cheap in the flared silhouette. Instead, go for black, navy, dark green, plum, burgundy and such that will dress up your style. Like Lisa, opt for a chic pair of black wide-leg pants that can look sleek when worn with a leather jacket, or trade your casual jeans with a pair of flared trousers that will go perfectly with button-down tops.

Top your urban outfit with fall coats.

leather-trousers-and-gray-tee-with-gray-coat knitted-sweater-and-pants-with-fall-coat black-dress-with-wool-coat-and-fall-boots

Whether you wish to wear your summer ensembles into the fall season, or simply want to make your urban ensembles chic, top it with fall coats. Chesterfield coats, pea coats, and wool coats are generally structured that can add some polish to your street style. If you feel your knitted matching set of sweater and pants look sloppy, team it with a chic coat to dress them up like Lisa did. Also, you can make your sweater dress more functional by topping it with a wool coat that will give you added warmth in the chilly days. By heeding these styling tricks, you’ll be able to make your urban-chic looks stylish and functional for the cold weather.

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