Get an Elevated yet Approachable Style This Fall with Jenny Bernheim

Elevating your style may be challenging and overwhelming at first, but if you do it in an approachable way, you’ll still keep that polish look effortlessly. Mind behind the Margo and Me blog, Jenny Bernheim is an LA-based fashion blogger known for her feminine and sophisticated style with a mix of edgy and playful looks that might inspire your fall style. If you’re looking for an elevated yet approachable style, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Update your summer eyelet and lace tops by teaming it with fall ensembles.



If you wish to extend your summer wardrobe into early fall, team your lace and eyelet pieces with fall ensembles. Like Jenny, think of elevating your fall style by going for a pair of eyelet pants over traditional straight-leg or jeans and team it with your classic button-down shirt. If you wish to wear your lace blouse in the fall, think of wearing them with chic overalls like Jenny did, making your style chic at the same time season appropriate.

Add some edge to your fall style with leather jackets and blazers.

edgy-leather-blazer-with-trousers-and-fall-hat leather-jacket-with-statement-bib-necklace-and-black-maxi-skirt

Though leather jackets like motorcycle and biker styles are timeless, you can still make the ensemble work in your chic outfits. Like Jenny, think of wearing your leather jacket with a plain top and a chic maxi skirt to make your edgy piece a bit feminine, then, top it off with a statement necklace.

Make your feminine outfits look edgy with fall boots.

chic-feminine-dress-with-fall-boots retro-floral-skirt-with-edgy-boots floral-blouse-with-edgy-fall-boots

If you’re wardrobe full of retro floral print tops, floral print skirts, and chiffon dresses, make it a bit edgy this fall with boots. Like Jenny, you may still opt for a feminine dress is free-flowing fabrics but balance it with a pair of edgy boots. Or, make your floral blouse or skirt look edgy with a pair of ankle boots that can be stylish and functional enough this fall.

Add some polish to your outfits with structured blazers or coats.

structured-blazer-with-straight-leg-pants structured-coat-with-loafers

If you have romantic outfits or girly ensembles, think of wearing them with structured blazers and coats, especially pea coats and chesterfield coats which is perfect this fall season. Or, go for a masculine-inspired look by wearing a structured blazer and straight-leg pants, but keep everything feminine with a chic top like Jenny did.

Look stylish and functional with tweed ensembles.

tweed-blazer-with-black-outfit-and-fall-tall-boots frayed-tweed-dress-with-burgundy-velvet-boots

Tweed is one of the suited fabrics in the fall season so take advantage of them. Like Jenny, think of wearing a tweed dress with a fall coat and tall boots, or top your fall outfit with a tweed blazer that will keep you stylish and cozy at the same time. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to make your fall style elevated yet approachable at the same time.

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