Get an Avant-Garde Statement This Fall with Nini Nguyen

Avant-garde looks may be seen on the pages of editorial fashion magazines and runway shows, but it can actually be wearable on the streets as long as you know how to style them strategically. Mind behind the Nini Style blog, Nini Nguyen is a style blogger known for her avant-garde street looks that might inspire your fall style. If you’re wondering how to make an avant-garde statement appropriate this fall, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

Start with a statement accessory.



If wearing avant-garde outfit feels a bit costumey for you, start with a statement accessory that can transform your looks. Like Nini, a very long necklace over the traditional ones can be great to make your leather skirt and simple white blouse statement-making. If you wish for an accessory that will surely pop, go for an oversized cocktail ring like she wore, and spice it even more with a brightly colored fur scarf that look outstanding with a chocolate brown dress.

Create a statement with bold colors.

neon-yellow-dress-with-blue-pumps-and-turban bright-blue-dress-with-gold-choker

If eccentric details sound overwhelming for you, create an avant-garde statement with bold colors. Think of wearing bold colors together like purple with yellow, blue with yellow, red with pink and such that can be playful and quirky enough. Like Nini, you may team your neon yellow dress with a pair of blue shoes and turban. Also, dress up your brightly colored outfits with avant-garde jewelry to make it bolder and statement-making.

Layer your ensembles unconventionally.

corset-top-with-white-dress metallic-gold-blazer-with-tube-top-and-skinny-pants

Fall is the perfect season to look stylish and creative with layers. Like Nini, think of wearing your ensembles unconventionally such as topping your white dress with a corset belt, or wearing your metallic blazer with tube top. Remember, an avant-garde statement is all about looking unique, creative, and stylish. So, feel free to play with your structures and experiment on your silhouettes to create avant-garde looks effortlessly.

Make it a bit costumey.

black-outfit-with-futuristic-top leather-pants-with-cape-and-white-shawl cape-with-white-pantsuit-and-wide-belt

Runway looks are often unrealistic and non-wearable for streets, but you can always alter the look to make it work for you. Like Nini, think of going a bit costumey which can be perfect for fashion-related events like Fashion Weeks. Like her, think of topping your corporate-looking pantsuit with a black cape that looks a bit costumey yet avant-garde. Also, think of metallic silver accents that look a bit futuristic that will add some avant-garde flair to your street style this fall season.

Wear an avant-garde ensemble with a casual piece.


To make an avant-garde piece in your casual weekends, dress it down with a casual piece. Denim jeans, frayed shorts, miniskirt, button-down shirt, plain tee, tank top and such are great for dressing down your statement pieces. Indeed, making an avant-garde statement is one of the creative ways to turn heads this fall season.

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