Get a Romantic yet Quirky Look This Spring with Blair Eadie

Spring season is all about colorful shades, cute accessories, and romantic details that will give you some feminine flair. Mind behind the Atlantic-Pacific blog, Blair Eadie is a San-Francisco based fashion blogger known for her romantic yet quirky style that might inspire your spring look. She already worked with amazing brands like Gucci, Tory Burch, Omega, and featured in publications including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and such. So, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Go for feminine and pastel shades that will give you that romantic look.

pastel yellow ruffled dress

romantic spring outfit with cute sunglasses romantic red dress with floral print skirt

Though pink is a feminine shade that can easily give you that romantic look. Think of other pastel shades like lavender, purple, pastel yellow, orange, blue and such that can still look soft and subtle for your personality. Or, go for a red dress that can be romantic and classy enough depending on the style of your silhouette. Just keep everything decent as a romantic style is not synonymous with a sexy neckline and a short skirt.

Think of feminine silhouettes and details like bows, ruffles, and bell sleeves.

chic ruffled spring outfit romantic bell sleeved dress with sun hat eccentric ruffled outfit with sunglasses

Though bows, frills, and ruffles are the trademarks of a girly look, you can still pull off those details in a grown up way by going for classic or neutral shades instead of feminine ones. Like Blair, you may think of wearing your white button down shirt dress in an off-shoulder way and finish it off with a striped dress tied around your waist that will create a ruffled look. Or, simply go for bell sleeves and ruffled outfits to give you that romantic look instantly.

Add some personality to your spring style with cute prints.

colorful striped outfit with quirky sunglasses polka dots dress with quirky earrings and cute sunglasses heart print dress with sunhat and cute pink bag

Though floral prints are great for giving you that romantic look, you can still go for polka dots, heart patterns, and even colorful stripes. The key is to go for playful colors and design of patterns that will give you that romantic yet quirky look. Like Blair, a polka dots dress in white and red combination looks quirky and cute over the same style of dress in a black and white combination.

Complete your romantic and quirky statement with accessories.

breezy white dress with pom pom earrings and woven bag pink belt with classic dress and ballet flats off shoulder midi dress with blue bandana scarf and cute color blocked clutch

Her photographs have allowed her to tell an ongoing narrative of her evolving personal style. “I love all things feminine – think timeless meets classic with a hint of quirk. While many things have changed, some remain pretty consistent. You’ll rarely find me without my shades, a bold lip, a high heel, and polished fingertips,” she said. So, you may think of some personalized accessories like pom pom earrings, cute sunglasses in pink shades, cute belts, or even some eccentric details that can make your style interesting. By heeding these tricks from Blair, you’ll be able to get a romantic yet quirky look this spring season.

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