Get a Playful Style This Spring with Blair Eadie

Spring season is all about cheery colors, fun prints, and romantic silhouettes so take your chance to show off your playful personality on the streets. Mind behind the Atlantic Pacific blog, Blair Eadie is a fashion blogger known for her playful and chic style that might inspire your spring looks. So, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Embrace breezy skirts and dresses.

breezy floral dress with chic rounded bag

rainbow striped top with breezy accordion skirt breezy floral print maxi dress

As the temperature warms up, it’s time to embrace free-flowing, airy, and breezy spring outfits. If you wish to keep the structure on your style, keep it on your coats, blazers, and jackets, but stick to breezy dresses and skirts. Like Blair, you may go for a candy striped sweater teamed with a breezy accordion skirt to keep you geared up in an unexpected chill. As the summer season approaches, you may think of breezy skirts and dresses that will keep your style feminine at the same time playful.

Go for vibrant colors and playful prints.

blue floral print dress with fringe sandals gingham blazer with matching skirt and blue pumps floral print dress with pink rounded bag and cute sunglasses

Dark palettes may be popular in the winter and earthy tones in the fall, but it’s time to brighten up your style this spring. Think of pretty pastel shades, feminine colors, and nudes that will make your style soft and subtle. Like Blair, you may opt for a cobalt blue dress with vibrant floral patterns that will look playful when teamed with a matching color on your sandals. Or, think of classic gingham patterns in matching sets that will look cool when teamed with pops of color.

Play with your spring layers.

retro floral print dress with button down blouse full skirt with gingham coat and shoes chic pastel outfit with cute coat and rounded bag

In the early spring, you may still opt for your lighter winter coats that will keep you warm when wearing breezy outfits in the colder months. As the temperature warms up, you may forget your favorite toppers and resort to your basic ensembles that can be worn as layers. Like Blair, you may think of a white button down blouse that will give you warmth when worn with a floral print dress while keeping everything chic and playful.

Add some flair with your spring accessories.

chic spring outfit with pink designer bag and hat breezy outfit with color blocked structured bag bold red sandals with breezy outfit and woven bag

Whether it’s a hat, cute bag, quirky sunglasses, or bold colored sandals, spring accessories can elevate your look. If you have a classic fashion personality, resorting to whites and nudes can be great to lighten up your color palette. But if you wish to get that playful and romantic look, embrace pastel shades of pink, lavender, green, yellow, tangerine and such. Like Blair, you may add some flair to your classic outfit with a color blocked bag or bold colored sandals. Or, get that romantic look by completing your spring dress with a chic sun hat, quilted pink bag, and cute sunglasses. By heeding these tricks from Blair, you’ll be able to get that playful look this spring effortlessly.

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