Get a Modern Bohemian Style This Fall with Ania Boniecka

Carefree, wild, and free-spirited, bohemian fashion is known for its retro and 70s-inspired look that can go for this fall season. Ania Boniecka is known for her editorial-worthy street style with a touch of bohemian roots and modern details. If you’re not a fan of wearing throwback looks head-to-toe, you may be inspired by Ania’s tricks of wearing them modernly.

Dress up your outfits with bohemian accessories.

abstract print dress with tall boots and boho hat

skinny scarf with hat black and white outfit zipped skirt with boxy top and floppy hat

When in doubt, always finish your looks with a cowboy hat, riding boots, bandana scarf, skinny scarf, suede boots, or fringed bag. This is especially true if you’re not a fan of a bohemian silhouette with free-flowing fabrics and billowy structures. Like Ania, you may simply resort to a fit-and-flare dress that will look great with a pair of tall boots and floppy hat. If you’re wearing a classy outfit like a chic button-down blouse and black shorts, trade your bandana scarf to a skinny scarf that looks more polished and sleek like Ania did.

Embrace bohemian fabrics and earthy palette.

suede biker jacket with leather trouser and ankle boots suede button front skirt with denim jacket and burgundy boots suede coat and tall boots with denim skirt

Rust, red-orange, burgundy, brown and such are some of the earthy colors you may go for. Like Ania, make your bohemian style a bit modern by mixing suede with edgy leather that will balance everything. If you’re wearing a denim skirt, you may think of teaming it with a suede coat with classic buttons resembling a trench coat that will update your look a bit. Going for an all-black outfit can be easier especially if you’re wearing leather trousers as it can be dressed up with a leather jacket and boots in a burgundy shade that will give a hint of bohemian style effortlessly.

Layer your clothes in a bohemian way.

mesh dress with zipped leather outfit and fur coat pajama inspired outfit vest with bohemian layered outfit

There are a lot of ways to layer your clothes stylishly, but if you want to go for a modern bohemian style, embrace carefree and billowy silhouettes. Like Ania, go for a pajama-inspired outfit that looks trendy yet wear some carefree blouse that will look perfectly with your overall outfit. Though you may add some structure to your outfit to make it sleeker, don’t overdo it to avoid overwhelming your bohemian silhouettes. Instead of boxy culottes or skinny jeans, opt for pleated midi skirts that will go well with your layered tops like Ania did.

Channel your carefree yet contemporary looks with denim pieces.        

printed blouse with denim cut off and boho hat denim tank top and jeans with choker chic chambray overalls with printed blouse and bandana scarf

Bohemian style is may be known for frayed denim and patchwork jeans, but to make your look a bit modern, go for plain styles or less frays on your denim items. You may even go for chic chambray overalls resembling denim overalls like Ania did, making the bohemian fashion work in a modern way. Like her, go for chic overalls teamed with a printed blouse and bandana scarf. This way, you’ll make the carefree fashion work for you while keeping everything modern and trendy.

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