Get a Hippie Look This Winter with Rachel Iwanyszyn

When winter rolls around, layering gets you through the chilly season in style. The 70’s retro hippie style is one of the major trends for fall and winter that has been recurring in other seasons. Mind behind the Jag Lever blog, Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn is a style blogger currently living in New York City known for her hippie style that’s carefree and wild. Though she’s not a Swedish, she just loves Swedish culture including fashion, art and music – that’s fittingly for the name “Jag Lever” to her blog that means “I Live” in Swedish. If you’re looking for a hippie statement this winter, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from Rachel.

Go for earthy palette on your outfits.

fur vest with hippie outfit

hippie winter outfit hippie outfit with fur scarf

Earthy colors like brown, rust, camel, red-orange, burgundy, orange and such can make your winter outfits hippie inspired. Touch enticing fabrics like suede and other native textiles can also work. Like Rachel, think of adding some hint of hippie to your all black outfit with a gray coat and a camel-toned fur scarf, or make your winter outfit a bit bohemian by going for a burgundy blouse teamed with a black fur vest.

Resort to retro floral patterns, plaids, and tribal prints.

checkered shawl with winter outfit retro floral outfit with winter boots tribal print blanket scarf with jeans

Tie-dye, ethnic prints, and retro floral patterns are great to add some hippie flair to your winter style. In the 1960s, both Mexican and Indian designs appeared on hippie clothes so incorporating Aztec or paisley designs are the best way to showcase these hippie styles. Retro floral accents whether printed or embroidered onto cotton fabric are great addition to your style as nature is an important theme for the hippie look.

Opt for a pair of creepers, combat boots, or cowboy boots to channel your hippie style.

combat boots with casual outfit and duffel jacket creepers with white dress cowboy boots with black cape

To get that carefree and wild vibe, go for creepers, combat boots, doc martens, and even cowboy boots that can channel that hippie vibe instantly. Like Rachel, think of wearing creepers to add some hippie flair to your chic white dress teamed with black tights making it appropriate in the winter. If you have a black classic cape that you usually wear with structured boots, add some hippie flair by switching to a pair of riding or cowboy boots instead. Also, a pair of combat boots can make any of your outfit edgy with a grunge twist.

Layer your winter clothes in a bohemian way.

graphic tee with floral print jacket and winter boots hippie outfit with striped jacket hippie outfit with boho inspired bag

Winter is the perfect time to show off your layering skills. When creating the silhouette of the hippie style, anything diaphanous, free flowing, long, eccentric, and tribal-like vibes are great. Like Rachel, give some carefree feel to your winter looks by layering your plaid shirts, fur vests, camel coat, turtleneck, black tights and such altogether. This way, you’ll extend your winter wardrobe strategically while keeping you warm in the colder months. By taking these inspirations from Rachel, you’ll be able to get that hippie look this winter effortlessly.

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