Get a Grunge Style This Winter with Masha Sedgwick

Edgy, carefree, and wild, a grunge style can be great to express your personality this winter. From Berlin, Germany, Masha Sedgwick is fashion blogger known for her grunge style with a mix of bohemian and edgy touches that might inspire your cold weather dressing. If you’re looking for practical ways to channel your grunge style this winter, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

Add some grunge details to your winter outfit.

sporty grunge outfit with culottes

studded jeans with biker jacket frayed coat with striped top

Studs, spikes, frays and such details can add some grunge vibe to your winter looks. Like Masha, think of a structured coat with grunge details in the pockets or on the lapels like frayed edges that will make your winter style edgy while keeping that classy look. Or, resort to biker jackets suited for the winter months with studs and belts that can be a great topper for your lightweight tees. Also, graphic tops can still be worn in the winter with the help of layers like Masha did, wearing her graphic tee with a shirt and bomber jacket making it work in the colder months.

Embrace oversized tops, sweaters, and coats.

oversized sweater with structured bag oversized furry coat with grunge boots oversized coat with grunge outfit

Winter ensembles may be known for fur coats, fisherman sweater, turtleneck tops, and coats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel your grunge style. The key is to go for oversized ensembles that can add some grunge feel to your statement even if that means sporting classic pieces. Like Masha, go for an oversized coat that will look perfect with your grunge boots. Or, go for oversized hoodies that you can wear with your favorite sneakers and tee like she did.

Opt for grunge boots to add some edge to your street looks.

patent leather trousers with bomber jacket and fur vest patent leather trousers with grunge top winter outfit with combat boots

Combat boots, rocker boots, doc marten boots and such are known for their grunge look, so at least have a pair that will get you through the cold season. Like Masha, go for combat boots that will be great for walking the snowy landscape with your favorite plaid coat. Or, go for masculine shoes that will look perfect with your patent leather trousers and bomber jacket to make your street style edgy.

Go for heavy fur coats to add some warmth to your winter looks.

fur coat with grunge outfit brown fur coat with jeans furry coat with grunge outfit

Lightweight fur coats may be classy as well as heavy ones, but you can still channel your grunge vibe in them by going for ones that are a bit exaggerated in style. Like Masha, think of a fur coat in grunge colors of rust, brown, burgundy, or black that can make your basic jeans fashionable in the winter. Or, go for colorful ones to add some flair to your basic top and trousers teamed with masculine shoes like Masha did. By taking these inspirations from her, you’ll be able to get that grunge style this winter effortlessly.

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