Get a Grunge-Chic Style This Fall with Masha Sedgwick

Grunge style may be associated with punk and heavy-metal music, but you can still make the look work for you in a chic and feminine way. Berlin-based fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick is known for her grunge style with a mix of classic, feminine, and bohemian details. If you’re looking for inspiration to wear the grunge style in a chic way, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from Masha.

Start with grunge accessories that will add some edge to your chic outfits.

chic outfit with silver choker and grunge jewelry

grunge jewelry with striped green dress grunge jewelry with body chains

If you just like to try wearing the grunge style and not ready to embrace the whole look, start with grunge accessories that can add some edge to your chic outfits. Like Masha, she simply wore a chunky silver choker and grunge jewelry to her gray wrap dress and it made a big difference. If you think your striped summer dresses are over this fall season, think again as Masha creatively made her striped dress fall-inspired by making it edgy with grunge jewelry. Body chains, cocktail rings, grunge bangles and such are also great for toughening your fall style.

Resort to edgy leather ensembles that will toughen your looks.

leather biker jacket with 007 perfume patent leather skirt with sheer top and sleek boots leather culottes with vest and edgy tee

Leather ensembles may be timeless as you can always wear them in the fall season. However, change up your look a bit by styling your outfits in a grunge way. Instead of resorting to a plain biker jacket, think of a style with quilts, studs, rough texture, and edgy features like Masha’s wearing while holding her 007-inspired perfume. Or, think about a patent leather skirt with zipper that looks edgier over faux leather pencil skirt. Leather culottes may also look grunge-inspired if you’re going to wear it with edgy platform sandals and black vest like Masha did.

Team your graphic tees and plaid shirts with chic blazers.

graphic tee with chic blazer and silver choker graphic tee with navy blazer and frayed shorts plaid shirt with skinny jeans and black jacket

Grunge fashion is known for plaid shirts and graphic tees, but you can always make them look chic by dressing them up with blazers. Like Masha, think of wearing your punk tee and statement shirts with chic blazers, whether a boyfriend blazer, sailor blazer, or tuxedo blazer, that will dress up your edgy piece. But if you wish to keep it effortless, team it with your denim jeans and frayed shorts like Masha did, creating a great balance between casual-chic, and grunge style.

Embrace grunge color palette to define your looks.

loose black top with skinny jeans and edgy shoes burgundy blazer and shorts with white tee all black grunge outfit with coat

Grunge style evolve around the palette of dark colors like black, gray, burgundy, plum, and such while keeping the silhouettes a bit relaxed and edgy. Like Masha, go for a grunge-chic style by going for a burgundy blazer and shorts, but dress them down with a white tee and grunge jewelry. Indeed, a grunge-chic style is a means of looking edgy without taking away your feminine flair.

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