Get a Cozy Office Style with Lara Caspari

If you’re successful and smart woman, spending hours and years into your working life, you might focus on your career advancement. However, if your closet still contains multiple pairs of high heels and you loathe boring dark suits, you might want to spice up your cold weather dressing a bit. Mind behind the Between Meetings blog, formerly known as Stiletto Meets Espresso, Lara Caspari is a style blogger and business consultant known for her creative yet polished office look that might inspire your cold weather dressing. For women who are motivated and capable of building a career without giving up everything else including fashion, keep on reading to scoop some cozy styling tricks from Lara.

Resort to leather ensembles to add some warmth to your style.

cozy top with leather skirt

leather trousers with button down shirt leather leggings with button down shirt and crop top

If you’re looking for style tips beyond that standard puffer coat, warm yourself up with leather ensembles. If the dress code allows, go for a cardigan or a sweater – you’ll feel cozy and stylish. Like Lara team your cozy top with a leather midi skirt teamed with boots, or a pair of leather trousers that can warm up your crisp button-down shirt.

Opt for cozy fabrics on your ensembles.

red sweater with floral print midi dress cozy sweater with nude jeans festive red turtleneck sweater dress

There’s nothing more comforting and comfortable than wearing a cozy sweater in the winter. Like Lara, think of a cozy sweater teamed with jeans or floral print skirt perfect for creative and casual settings. Sweater dresses can be worn to the office, to holiday parties or even to your dinner dates. If you’re thinking on what to wear on a cozy holiday in the office, bring it on with a bold red turtleneck neck that will give you an effortlessly chic statement like Lara did.

Add some polish to your office style with classic coats.

gray coat with urban outfit and red bag coat with casual friday outfitcreative office outfit with blush coat

Dressing for work underneath a giant puffer coat can sometimes feel a bit uninspired. Like Lara, complete your cozy office outfit of a metallic top and white skirt by topping it with a blush colored coat perfect in the winter months. Or, add some polish to your casual Friday outfit with a structured coat like Lara did.

Layer like a pro.

cozy chic top with skinny jeans classic coat with fur scarf and leopard print clutch blanket scarf with nude pants and boots

How to layer up at work when the temperature is freezing? A cozy coat is office-appropriate without taking over your entire look. Like Lara, think of wearing your classic coat with a camel fur scarf and over the knee boots. Also, a fitted, ribbed vest can even add an air of sophistication to your office outfit. It’s a very fashion editorial meets street couture sophisticated office outfit. Also, a wrap coat, a cape, fur vest, or even a blanket scarf can complete your chic but relaxed outfit. By heeding these tricks from Lara, you’ll be able to get a cozy office style effortlessly.

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