Get a Classy and Sophisticated Look This Fall with Kristina Bazan

European style is known for elegant and luxurious vibe that will keep any looks timeless and classy. Mind behind the Kayture blog, Kristina Bazan is a fashion blogger from Switzerland known for her classy and sophisticated style that might inspire your fall looks. According to Teen Vogue, Kristina is “singlehandedly making Geneva, Switzerland, the French-speaking fashion capital of the world with her je ne sais quoi”. So, keep on reading to scoop some style inspiration from her to make your fall looks sophisticated and classy.

Get a classy handbag to dress up your overall outfit.

casual chic outfit with structured bag

classy outfit with designer bag classy green bag with chic outfit

Whether you’re heading to the office, or spending your time on your weekends, having a classy handbag can dress up your overall outfit making it look classy and sophisticated. Though investing in a designer handbag may be great to get an expensive-looking style, sometimes getting a high-quality handbag of real leather can be enough. Just go for a roomy style that can accommodate all your essentials so you’ll maximize the use of your accessory. Like Kristina, think of matching your bag with the color, print, and even theme of your outfit to create a cohesive look.

Embrace neutrals to give off classy and sophisticated vibe.

camel outfit with over the knee boots tweed dress with chain belt chic fall outfit with gold and pearl crown

Black, gray, white, camel, beige and such give off classy and sophisticated vibe over brown shades. If you’re going for lighter hues, keep your fabrics a bit heavy so it’ll look appropriate in the fall season. Like Kristina, you may go for a gray tweed dress and a chain belt to add some elegant vibe to your fall style. Going for a monochromatic outfit, especially in a neutral shade will look timeless and classy effortlessly.

Opt for jewel tones over neon shades to add some pop of color to your fall outfits.

chic top with green midi skirt and statement clutch red skirt with black turtleneck dress plum accordion skirt with gray top

Neon colors will make your style often cheap and flashy, so if you wish to add some pop of color, resort to jewel tones instead. Sapphire blue, amethyst purple, ruby red, topaz, and such are some of the jewel tones that will add some glam to your outfits. Like Kristina, you may team your red skirt with a black tunic that looks classy, or an emerald green skirt with a chic white top that looks soothing to the eyes.

Keep the streamlined and sleek silhouette on layered look.

gray coat with office outfit leopard print coat with all black fall outfit leather trousers with chic fall outfit

Wearing lightweight layers can be stylish and functional this fall season, but you have to keep everything sleek and streamlined to achieve a classy look. Like Kristina, think of wearing your all black outfit with a structured leopard print coat, or wear a pair of leather trousers with your layered top to keep the balance of your silhouette.  Indeed, a classy and sophisticated style can take you from the office to the casual weekends.

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