Get a Chameleon Style with Lydia Elise Millen

If you’re fashion-forward woman and find diverse looks to your liking, you might have a chameleon style. Lydia Elise Millen is a style blogger known for her chameleon style featuring minimalist, romantic, punk, grunge, and even classic looks on her everyday style. She knows how to re-invent herself from outfits, theme, hairstyles, makeup and such every time. So, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her to test the limits of your creativity and get a chameleon style.

Minimalist Style

all black outfit with chic white coat

white dress with edgy boots sailor blazer with sporty chic outfit

One of the easiest style to copy, minimalist style is known for its simple structures, clean lines, and neutral palette composed of basic pieces. Like Lydia, you may go for an all black outfit and top it with a chic white blazer, or wear canvas sneakers with your monochromatic outfit. If you’re a career woman, you’re probably complete of basic pieces like button-down shirts, straight-leg pants, structured blazers, skinny jeans, turtle neck tops, shift dresses and such that can be a great foundation for the minimalist look. Just keep your accessories simple and your palette neutral to achieve the look effortlessly.

Romantic Style

chic striped hat with white dress floral print top with denim shorts and lace up gladiators floral print ,atching set with tights

If you wish to transition your looks from minimalist to romantic, feminine accessories can do the tricks for you. Like Lydia, you may start with a white dress that you normally wear with minimalistic pieces and dress it up with a chic floppy hat, strappy or lace-up heels, and a feminine bag that will change your overall look. Also, you may think of incorporating feminine fabrics like lace, chiffon, as well as incorporating floral prints that will make your style romantic effortlessly.

Grunge Style

cold shoulder chambray with quirky print grunge leggings high low grunge skirt with graphic top cross print leggings with grunge top

Grunge style has its own trademark when it comes to basics. Graphic tops, combat boots, Dr. Marten boots, graphic leggings, beanies and statement tees are some of them. Like Lydia, you may start by wearing printed leggings with grunge-inspired details and teaming it with casual tops like a cold-shoulder chambray shirt, tank top, or a slouchy sweater.

Eccentric Punk Style

graphic print leggings with purple tank top zebra print leggings with leather jacket and metallic accessories quirky graphic print leggings with neon top

Similar to grunge style but more enigmatic, eccentric punk style features more unconventional graphic prints and fluorescent colored tops. Like Lydia, you may start with graphic print leggings with space-inspired prints and team it with a purple top and gold choker, or lightning-print leggings teamed with a neon tank top. Though animal prints are known for a sophisticated and fierce vibe, zebra print and giraffe patterns belong to the unconventional and quirky side that you may go for.

Modern Classic Style

yellow tank top with chic blazer and skinny jeans chunky sweater with skirt and structured bag asymmetric black and white dress with tote bag

If you wish to keep the timeless look while keeping it voguish, resort to a modern classic style that features the basic classics on your wardrobe with a mix of modern and structured ensembles, since the architectural look is modern. This way, you’ll make your fashion style more expressive while showing off your most creative looks on the streets.

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