Geek-Chic Fashion Style

Noted for their academic excellence, geeks and nerds are cool and somewhat preppy as they go for clean lines and simple silhouettes. If you’re a fan of books, mathematical calculations, and scientific analyses, channel your genius vibe through your fashion style. To copy the geek-chic fashion style, keep on scrolling to scoop some style guidelines for adding some twist to your typical street style.

boots and glasses with asymmetrical dress

geek chic outfit red dress with glasses and boots scarf with geek outfit oxfords with pleated tartan skirt and knitted top

A pair of eyeglasses is the one big difference between a preppy look and geek-chic look. Prescription or not, there’s never been a cooler time to wear specs as in geek-chic fashion, you could take a break from those contact lenses. But you don’t just look for any bookish pair of glasses. Find the specs that will fight the rays at the same time look great on your face shape. It’s the perfect chance to strut your oxfords with socks or stockings. Not only will your feet appreciate a break from the heels, you’ll look chic and professional wherever your day takes you in Oxfords.

2. blazer with dress green pleated skirt with button down shirt knitted sweater with preppy outfit red knitted sweater with dress and boots striped sweater with neon pants white pleated skirt with feminine top

For your tops, you may opt for button down shirts, statement tees, cardigan, blazer, knitted tops, and sweaters. Whether printed with a phrase or an iconic brand, statement tees are probably one of the geeks and nerds most known outfit in films. You may button your crisp shirt it all up and if you do plan on rolling up or cuffing, but do them as neatly as possible. We often see geeks throw on outerwear like a blazer or cardigan in their outfits usually compose of relaxed and basic pieces creating an amazingly simple silhouette and clean lines. Just go for ones that fit right on you – not so snugly fit and yet not also too large.

collar dress with high boots geek-chic outfit collar-dress-with-blazer

Collar dresses especially those “peter pan” styles are a wardrobe staple for a geek-chic look. Just be creative piling on layers to create the desired look whether wear your dress with a knitted sweater or sport them with a classic trench coat left unbuttoned. Create some contrasting color scheme to make the style stand out like layering a dark sweater with a light-colored dress or wearing a light coat with a dark-colored dress. Basically, you just want those collars to pop in the outfit.

skinny pants with shirt and sneakers skinny jeans with button down shirt mustard sweater with pleated skirt leather jacket with pleated skirt and patent boots chiffon blouse with pleated skirt

Pleated skirts and skinny jeans are known wardrobe staples for geeks. Go for plain washes of denim jeans without rips as geeks are not known in distressed or faded looks. Pleated skirts come in mini length, midi length, and even maxi length that you may want to go for. If you feel the skirt is too short for you, simply don a pair of high socks or opaque tights to give some cover while maintaining its polished looks. No matter how dressy or casual you wish your style to be, geek-chic fashion will always remain cool, trendy, and laid-back.





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