Garnier Olia 6.3 Light Golden Brown review

Garnier Olia 6.3 Light Golden Brown review :Garnier-Olia-6.3-Light-Golden-Brown-review

hello everyone, its been a while since my last post but I’ve had problems with my laptop, but now everything’s fine I bough a new windows 8 laptop and I am so happy about it because its so amazing!
As you can probably tell I get bored of my hair easily so I’ve trimmed my ends a bit and dyed it back brown. I honestly hated my hair blonde because of the roots they looked vile plus the fact that I have to redo them every couple months which is too much for my hair and its causing hair loss :(.
Garnier Olia 6.3 Light Golden Brown hair

first of all the dye just about to covered my all of hair and I have middle length fine hair. Its quite disappointing because it cost 6.99 and its probably the most expensive hair dye I’ve ever bought and its just as good as cheaper hair dyes.Garnier Olia 6.3 Light Golden Brown hair color
Honestly I don’t know whether its the dye or because I had blonde highlights the colour looks so disappointing.
soon after summer I am planning on dying my hair that colour again to see it will look better because it didn’t really covered all of the highlights I had previously so yeah wish me luck


I hope you liked my  Garnier Olia 6.3 Light Golden Brown hair color review


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  1. Britt says:

    but it looks great with the highlights !

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