Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil

Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil  review :

I am officially an oil lover; body, face, nails, hair…you name it I have an oil for it! So when Garnier released their body oil recently I couldn’t resist giving it a whirl. I have to say I was slightly dubious, I had screaming flash backs of trying to use baby oil years ago to moisturise with and ending up a big greasy mess…and as snobby as it sounds I wasnt sure this little plastic bottle of the high street would be able to compete with snazzy companies such as Caudalie, I was sure it would be the Johnsons baby oil fiasco all over again….Garnier-Body-Ultimate-Beauty-Oil-356x500

How wrong could I be!? If you ignore the plastic cheap packaging (which really doesnt bother me) you could quite easily be using a high end product, it is SO luxurious and not atall greasy providing you dont apply too much! Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil  smells beautiful, like almonds and roses, it reminds me of something you would smell in a posh spa or salon. One of the things I love most about this product, other than the smell, is the fact that when applying this it warms the skin (I guess its like giving yourself a mini massage!) and makes me feel so incredibly relaxed. Its also fabulously hydrating, if I’m getting my legs out for a night out I apply this first and it gives my skin such a gorgeous glow!Garnier-Body-Ultimate-Beauty-Oil- review

Like I said I was a little skeptical at first, especially at £7.99 for a high street product but I have decided its worth every penny! Plus its no way near as costly as some of its competitors, so if you are eager to try a body oil but don’t have the cash I highly recommend  Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil  , this product as its very luxurious!!!

Has anyone else discovered any bargainous body oils!? I think I’m addicted!
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