Garnia Olia 7.13 Dark Beige Blonde Review

Garnia Olia 7.13 Dark Beige Blonde Review and photos !

Hi Girls !For many months now I have had an ongoing battle with my hair to bring it back to my natural colour. I was quoted £150 at one hairdressers, £200 at another, used ColourB4 etc. etc.
Anyway, to get the gist of it, I decided that just growing my hair out would be the easiest but most unattractive option!
The colourB4 Extra Strength worked really well at getting the four years worth of red hair dye out, leaving me with ginger hair and brown roots (if you wish to see this, please refer to previous posts and/or YouTube videos of mine!)…Garnia Olia 7.13 Dark Beige Blonde Review

That was months ago, and after some substantial regrowth, I decided that enough was enough! I popped into Boots after a morning at work and picked up Garnier Olia in 7.13 Dark Beige Blonde, as I had heard some good reviews on it. I am always sceptical when it comes to hair dye because they never really come out the way you want them too, and I had heard some negative reviews on this colour. But nevertheless, I thought I may as well give it a try!

Garnia Olia 7.13 Dark Beige Blonde  unboxed :Garnia Olia 7.13 Review Dark Beige Blonde

The process was very easy to manage. This was actually my first ever time dying my hair without my mum’s help and it couldn’t have gone better! I started the process after my morning shower. You apply the oil-based hair dye to dry, unwashed hair and use it how you would with any others – by starting at the roots and evenly working it through the ends, massaging it all in just before you let it develop.
In the 30 minutes developing time I did my make-up for work, and then simply lent over the bath to rinse it off with the shower head. In the developing time my hair, thankfully, didn’t go a peculiar colour and nothing strange rinsed out either! After applying the luxuriously thick conditioner to my hair for two minutes, I washed that out, dried it and was so happy with the results! 🙂Garnia Olia 7.13 Dark Beige Blonde

The Dark Beige Blonde colour eradicated the orange tones in my hair, evening everything out and blending it all into my natural hair colour! It is literally the colour I have been after for about a year now – thank you so much Garnier! My hair was left soft and shiny and although a subtle change to the colour, I now feel a lot more ‘hair-happy’ and confident!

5 stars for Garnier Olia!

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