Although Fyrinnae’s regular-sized eyeshadows are officially a steal at around $6 AUD for 3g, all the eyeshadows are available in sample sizes, which measure about 1/3 of a teaspoon in a small plastic jar, for around $2 AUD.

Fyrinnae also produce a range of lip glosses, blushes, finishing powders and primers, bronzers and highlighters, and as a bonus all Fyrinnae products are vegan. Some of these products are available in full-size and sample-size as well.

Fyrinnae cosmetics are made to order by just a few workers in a small lab. Therefore your order might take an extended period of time to reach you, although both times I’ve ordered from Fyrinnae, the products have arrived in Adelaide well before the projected delivery date. And here’s what all Australian makeup junkies want to know – for my recent haul I paid about $3.50 AUD shipping!

I should note that these intensely pigmented loose eyeshadows can be difficult to work with, particularly for beginners. Fyrinnae loose eyeshadows are designed to be patted rather than swept on; but even so, they are notoriously tricky to blend and if you’re not careful they will look streaky or patchy. Practice makes perfect (I’m still practising!)

My recent Fyrinnae loose eyshadow haul:

  • OMGWTF is described as a bright shimmery chartreuse.
  • Nonsense! is described as a crisp lime, nearly matte (Mad Tea Party collection).
  • Danse Macabre is described as a bright, festive lime green with a shimmering yellow highlight (Dia De Los Muertos collection).
  • Orangutan is described as a satin-matte peach with a coppery tone (Endangered collection).
  • Tasmanian Devil is described as a rose shade with a soft blue highlight (Endangered collection).
  • Freya is described as a glowing purple-burgundy shimmer on black.





Danse MacabreFyrinnae-Loose-Eyeshadow-Review-Swatches-Photos-Danse-Macabre-Copy




Frinnae OrangutanFyrinnae-Loose-Eyeshadow-Review-Swatches-Photos-Orangutan


Frynnae Tasmanian DevilTasmanian-Devil-Fyrinnae-Loose-Eyeshadow-Review-Swatches-Photos


Fyrinnae FreyaFyrinnae-Loose-Eyeshadow-Review-Swatches-Photos-Freya