Fyrinnae Arcane Magic Eyeshadow Swatches

Hi everyone. I’ve been talking about re-swatching my Fyrinnae eyeshadows for awhile now because my old swatches are really not that good and don’t do their eyeshadows any justice. So, I’m starting off with the Arcane Magic eyeshadows. I will say that even though these photos are larger, have better lighting, and are more color-accurate than my original swatches, the Arcane Magic eyeshadows really just need to be seen in person to understand how awesome they are.



What are Arcane Magic eyeshadows?

“Fyrinnae’s Arcane Magic Eyeshadows are specialized colours with a highlight that changes hue depending on how the light hits it (closer to or further from a light). Different light sources may show different shades, too (they do not show as well in sunlight as artifical light, and some may not appear to change at all). Please note that the Arcanes will probably look a little different in photos than in person because of the light-change effect.”

Ingredients: Mica, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Stearate. May contain: Iron Oxides, Manganese Violet, Tin Oxide, Ultramarines, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Blue #1, Red #40, Yellow #5, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Chromium Oxide. 

Full size jar – $6.35 USD
Sample size jar – $2.00 USD

I think the word “complex” can sometimes get thrown around a little too often when trying to describe eyeshadows, but I don’t have any other word to accurately describe the Arcane Magics. I would not claim this to be a ‘definitive’ swatch post — I encourage you to search for other swatches because where I had a hard time capturing some of the shifts in a few shadows, other bloggers have done really well! Use multiple swatch posts to get an idea of what to expect if you plan on ordering any.

Before you continue…

  • All swatches were patted (not swiped) over Pixie Epoxy
    • Colors may be worn more subtly if used just over regular primer.
  • I used regular 1/2″ scotch tape for the clean edges of the swatches
  • All swatches used two light sources set at two points: 1 fluorescent bulb & 1 daylight bulb
    • The fluorescent (artificial) bulb was used to help bring out the light-change effect
  • All photos were taken without flash
  • Almost all swatches will show 2-3 photos of the same shadow at different angles to demonstrate the light-change effect
  • Photos will be first, then followed by the eyeshadow’s name (which you can click to go to the product’s individual page), description, and thoughts.
  • This post is PICTURE HEAVY! You have been warned! 🙂

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-a Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-alchemists-curseFyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-b




Alchemist’s Curse
“This shadow is pink shimmer and sparkle on black, but closer to light or at a different angle and it becomes a vivid gold to green, the black base setting off the highlights. Halloween 2011.”

This is one of the eyeshadows I would say really benefits from Pixie Epoxy, which allows the black base to stay rich and lets the shimmer really sparkle & stand out in contrast. I can definitely see the pink at a certain angle, which can appear as a deeper pink (almost reddish?) and gold at other angles, but I am not sure I see a distinct green. Very sparkly.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-are-you-my-mummy Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-are-you-my-mummy-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-are-you-my-mummy-c




Are You My Mummy?
“It starts out a vibrant, gleaming emerald green. Closer to light or at an angle this shade takes on a striking deep pink color, almost a maroon. It’s not simply a highlight; the entire shadow’s hues change. Halloween 2011. Contains Blue #1 and Yellow #5.”

One of my favorites! I think the deep pink color the description references comes across somewhat grey-ish (in photos and in person), but it works well in conjunction with the ‘gleaming emerald green’ color, making the subtle-to-vibrant change that much more apparent… this is really pretty and one I consider a “must have” shade.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-conjuror Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-conjuror-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-conjuror-c




“Rich burgundy-brick shade filled with shimmer that changes from aqua to bright crimson-pink, depending on proximity to light or angle.”

In the first photo you can see how the pink shimmer almost blends into the burgundy (which leans a bit mauve, I think?) shade, and then by the third photo the shimmer becomes a very bright aqua-blue which contrasts nicely with the base.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-dark-fantasy-a Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-dark-fantasy-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-dark-fantasy-c




Dark Fantasy
“Dark Fantasy is an intense grass green shimmer on a black base, which changes to a golden-peach to deep orange-coral.”

Another favorite!! Pictures don’t really do this one justice. This is a chameleon shade that looks very different depending both on the type of light source and also the angle it’s at. Beautiful all over the lid but it looks awesome as a liner, as well!

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-electric-stardust-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-electric-stardust-a



Electric Stardust
“Electric Stardust is a light, glowing, mint green sparkle (no white base, so can be easily layered with darker colors). Brought closer to light, it changes to a lighter aqua then to a pale silvery blue. This shade’s changes are subtle compared to most other Arcanes.”

This definitely has a more subtle-change. As you can see in the photos, when applied over Pixie Epoxy this shade has a very high sheen. My favorite way to wear it is actually dry, because it’s more of a minty-green sparkle that looks awesome as an inner corner highlight or layered with another shade.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-evocation-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-evocation-a


“Neutral taupe with a highlight that subtly changes from a pale rose/coral to a mint green hue. Close to Damn Paladins in base shade.”

Another very subtle Arcane Magic shade. This is for the person who loves taupes but wants just a slight bit of interest added in to mix it up. At a certain angle it takes on a more patina-esque color (thanks to the green hue that creeps over it).




Faerie Glamour
“Semi-matte violet base with an aqua shimmer that changes to a bright purple-pink when closer to light or seen at an angle. Not lip-safe.”

Agh, my photos just do not do this shadow any justice at all! I think it’s because I swatched it over Pixie Epoxy… this shade is a bit notorious for not playing well with Pixie Epoxy because of its semi-matte base. All I can say is do yourself a favor and get this one!! It’s really, really, really beautiful, I promise.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-futuristic-glamrock-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-futuristic-glamrock



Futuristic Glamrock
“Futuristic Glamrock is a pale translucent aqua-blue, sparkling with a hint of coordinating hues. Bring it closer to light or change the angle in some cases, and it turns to icy pink. The eye shadow equivalent of Ultra Phantom. Reinstated in July 2012.”

The icy-blue cousin of Electric Stardust, this also has a high sheen when applied over Pixie Epoxy. It is a beautiful sparkling shade that looks awesome in the inner corner and is, like Electric Stardust, awesome for layering with other shadows. Looks really pretty when used with pink shades.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-glitterboi-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-glitterboi-a



“Glitterboi is a deep blend of midnight blue, violet, and a hint of pink sparkle on a black base, and as the angle changes or light-distance decreases, changes to a light, gleaming grape, then to vibrant metallic pink.”

‘Glitterboi’ is the perfect name for this shadow. I took a bokeh photo (the second picture) so you could see all the different hues that the sparkles take on… this is a very sparkle-y, glittery shade that really needs Pixie Epoxy as its base so you can see it in all its glory. Makes a beautiful liner, as well!



Madame & Eve’s
“A striking Arcane shade, away from light Madame & Eve’s appears to be a vivid sparkling teal green on black, similar to our Boytoy. Move it closer to light or in sunlight, and it morphs to violet then gleaming magenta. “

First, I’m not sure why I did the photo like this. It was late at night when I was going through everything, but yeah… anyway, as you can see above it definitely is a black-based shadow with a strong teal-green shift, however I’m not sure about the violet/gleaming magenta. I wasn’t having any luck photographing or seeing it; but regardless, this shade is worth it just for that teal-green!

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-pyromantic-erotica-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-pyromantic-erotica



Pyromantic Erotica
“Pyromantic Erotica is a vivid light orange with an obvious chartreuse highlight. As it gets closer to light, the shadow changes to a brighter, gleaming orange.”

A very awesome orange shade. Very striking. I’m not much of an orange person myself but I can’t resist a color that is this bright. I will say that the highlight in this shade appears to be more of a marigold than chartreuse to my eyes.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-ravens-prophecy-d Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-ravens-prophecy-c Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-ravens-prophecy-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-ravens-prophecy





Raven’s Prophecy
“Deep black, this shadow glitters with lime and pale blue. Closer to light or at different angles, and the sparkle takes on a pink and turquoise appearance. Photos don’t even begin to show the effect. Halloween 2011.”

If there was a Sparkle City, this shadow would be the mayor of it. I love, love, love this shade!!! This is one of my favorite Arcane Magic colors… definitely top three. Not because it has some majestic color change, but solely because it has a rainbow of sparkles over a black base, making it perfect for a smokey eye or awesome liner. It’s so beautiful! You must get this color!

Oh, and I would strongly advise you use Pixie Epoxy with it… not just because it will really bring out the sparkle, but also because the Pixie Epoxy will help prevent major fall out from happening throughout the day and keep your face from looking like a glitterbomb exploded all over it.



Sequined Master
“Sequined Master is a gleaming, sparkling silvery grape-purple. Brought closer to light and it shows off it’s true nature of bright lush purple, almost reaching to fuschia. Slightly reformulated in 2012.”

This is another shade that has a very subtle light-change effect. In the above photo you can see a little bit of the color change from the top to the bottom of the swatch. It is a lush, romantic purple. 





“Soft black shadow with shimmer which changes from a brilliant aqua to vibrant cool pink, depending on light and angle.”

I wanted to pull my hair out trying to take a picture of this shadow. It is really, really pretty, but the sheen is even stronger and the light-change of the color (to cool pink) is there — it was like trying to photograph a ghost, though! Thankfully, Fyrinnae’s website has a spot-on perfect photo of it, so I highly suggest you check it out.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-steampunk Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-steampunk-b



“A remake of our old Steampunk shade (but better!), this is an antiqued deep copper on black, with a touch of gold sparkle and hues of pink. Move it toward light or change the angle, and it becomes gold to chartreuse, the black base setting off the vivid highlight while still retaining its Victorian-era depth. Halloween 2011.”

This color is amazing! Not only is the light-change effect of the color pretty strong with this shade, but it’s awesome for an all-in-one eye look because it works as your lid & crease color together. Just take Steampunk, apply it to the entire lid, buff & blend out the edges, and go.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-trickery Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-trickery-b



“Trickery is a light tan shade with a light grass green shimmer and highlight, but changes to peach as it gets closer to the light. The change is subtle on this shade.”

I thought this would be fairly similar to Evocation, but this is definitely a warmer tan shade (not really taupe at all) with a stronger shimmer effect. Very pretty all over the lid.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-velvet-vampire-c Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-velvet-vampire-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-velvet-vampire




Velvet Vampire
“Don’t pass this shade by! It looks ordinary in the jar, but amazing once applied. Think 18th-19th century “classic” seductive vampires, clad in a the finest deep crimson velvet…a few sparkling heirloom gems adorning his or her hands and throat… This shade is a complex deep reddish hue that varies between molten cool crimson and a firey phoenix-red, all laced with gold sparkle and glimmer. Bring it closer to light or change the angle, and it turns to a metallic glittering gold with subtle “underhues” of copper. The pictures are terrible, as Velvet Vampire refuses to be photographed 😉 .”

This was the first Arcane Magic shade I really fell in love with because it was the first time I really noticed the effect of it changing from one shade to another. Plus, I love the description and name of this color… “Velvet Vampire” is simply perfect. I hope Fyrinnae never discontinues it! This is another “must have” shade, as it really will look beautiful with anyone’s eye color.

Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-wake-not-the-dead-b Fyrinnae-Arcane-Magic-Eyeshadow-Swatches-wake-not-the-dead



Wake Not The Dead (discontinued)

“This shadow has a solid, slightly shimmery, orchid purple base. It’s filled with captivating sparkles in varying hues of gold, green, and blue, which all change to give the shadow a distinctly pink-purple cast.”

This color has been discontinued, so you won’t find it on Fyrinnae’s website, but I thought it’d be important to swatch it anyway in the off-chance that you ever have the opportunity to get it from someone else, or if they ever bring it back. 🙂

My personal favorites out of all of these would be Velvet VampireRaven’s ProphecyAre You My Mummy?Dark Fantasy,Steampunk and Faerie Glamour.

Do you own any Arcane Magic shadows? Which are your favorite? 

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