Fresh Ways to Wear Fringe Fashion Trends

Fringed outfits are considered tacky by some. While they are reminiscent of western fashion, fringe outfits can make you look impeccable as well. Let go of your style inhibitions and try these fringe fashion trends.

Fringe Jacket

If you want a jacket that’s warming and stylish, then choose a fringe jacket. This is one of the few fringe fashion trends that can instantly revamp your look. Even Miranda Kerr loves it! Follow the model’s look by wearing it with a sophisticated attire. Minding contrasts (laidback vs. elegant) is a good rule to follow on how to wear fringe clothing.

brown suede fringe jacket

brown fringe jacket

Fringe Top

A good tip on how to wear fringe clothing – especially in spring or summer – is to opt for an amazing fringe top. These fringe fashion trends add an element of movement and some ‘flapper style’ into your outfit.

white fringe top white fringe top and jeans

Fringe Skirt

Of all the fringe fashion trends, a fringe skirt proves to be a fun addition to any wardrobe. It can be a unique alternative to the usual pencil skirt or midi skirt. With a good blazer and button-down top, it can be worn in the office. Follow Kate Upton’s style below to learn how to wear fringe clothing – minus the ‘Indian girl’ vibe.

black fringe skirt long black fringe skirt

Fringe Earrings

If you are looking for subtle fringe fashion trends, then go for accessories instead. Good examples include fringe earrings, which can glam up your style in an instant. Wear this with a high ponytail and you can get the ‘stunning yet laidback’ look.

white fringe earrings silver fringe earrings

Fringe Purse

Another way to incorporate fringe fashion trends into your outfit is to bring your essentials in a Fringe purse. Such a bag can immediately transform your style into boho chic.

black fringe bag brown fringe purse

Fringe Shoes

If you want to go all out with fringe fashion trends, then envelop your feet in stylish fringe shoes. These frilly footwear are more than perfect, especially for your spring and summer attires. Whether it’s sandals or boots, fringe shoes will infuse a unique sense of style into your wardrobe.

geometric fringe sandals brown fringe boots

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