Fresh Ways to Wear Florals All Year Long

Florals are really pretty and they’re super popular come spring and summer time but did you know that florals make a great statement, too, all year round? I know many of you out there are still afraid of wearing florals beyond spring and summer because they’re considered to be off-season prints but, trust me, it can be done and you can pull it off with style. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can wear florals all year round.

  1. Seek not so colorful floral prints – if the only thing that’s holding you back from wearing florals is the print’s bright and vibrant colors then why not look for floral printed pieces with not so colorful hues on them? Muted florals are great for any season and is one of the best ways to wear florals all year long.muted floral dress and pink leather jacket
    muted floral off shoulder dress for early fall
  2. Try amost-abstract florals – love wearing art? How about going with something slightly more abstract? Watercolor flower prints often have that almost-abstract look to them that is perfect for adding just the right hint of floral to your look. What’s even better is that watercolor floral prints are super chic and feminine, perfect for all the girly style enthusiasts out there.abstract floral top with striped skirt abstract floral skirt with denim top
  3. Wear floral appliques – Not sure about whether or not you can pull off floral prints beyond spring and summer? Try wearing floral appliques instead. You can use these as embellishments on your outerwear, your purse of even your shoes – perfect if you don’t want your florals to be the “star of the show” in your look.floral applique embellishment on coat floral applique 3d floral outfit crop top coordinates
  4. Incorporate floral lace into your look – another really fun and stylish way to wear florals all year long is to incorporate floral lace into your look. Now, this one is really easy because there are endless ways to wear floral lace. Not to mention, lace is hot and on trend right now so finding pieces with floral lace on them would be really easy, too.lace floral dress in bllue lace floral dress vintage style
  5. Finish off an outfit with floral shoes – wearing floral shoes to finish off your outfit is a great way to add a surprising touch of girly style to any look. Floral heels are fabulous for finishing off outfits that you want to add a dressy touch to while floral boots are great for creating that casual but edgy vibe within your with orange poppy floral print shoes sneakers with floral print
  6. Be subtle with floral jewelry – who said floral prints is the only way to wear florals all year long? If you’re not into floral prints then you can add a floral touch to your look through your jewelry instead. Whether it’s a flower embossed on a bangle or druzy gems forming a flower hanging as a pendant on your necklace, it’s sure to give you a nice, subtle touch of refreshing ladylike style in your outfit.floral necklace beads




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