Freeman Olive Shea Body Butter Review

Freeman Olive Shea Body Butter Review  :
I am completely in love with this lotion
so posting a  pic.. 🙂

Now a brief Intro before I give my opinion.
Cost: 220 INR ( no discount)
Purchased from:
Qty: 150 ml
Nature of product: Organic
Container : Tube type

What i liked about ingredients:-

  1. Shea butter
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Olives

My opinion about  Freeman Olive Shea Body Butter lotion.

  • It has a fragrance to die for, not kidding…just love the fragrance.
  • It has silky soft texture, ideal lotion for summers.
  • Even though I have oily skin, still in Air conditioned environment my skin becomes dry( but this lotion solved this problem also)
  • Fragrance lingers on for more then 4 hrs, so it makes you love this lotion more.
  • Consistency is thin, but its perfect for summers.
  • I don’t have for re-apply it again and again, it’s perfect for me atleast 6-7 hrs.
           runny liquid
  • I just saw this lotion on flipkart and not any other site (correct me .if  I am wrong)
  • May not work in winters, as its quite think.
  • Tube has to wrapped in some plastic sheet or bag, before putting in bag because of runny liquid.
  • Locally not available.
  • Dry skined beauties have to reapply more often.
My rating :-
4.5/5 (minus .5 for such thin consistency)
Will i buy Freeman Olive Shea Body Butter again :- Yes !!!!!!!!!! Just love the fragrance that lingers on. Trust me gals…fragrance is very good..

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