Freederm Gel Review

Hello there again ladies! so here is my Freederm Gel Review!Freederm Gel Review

Having suffered with mild acne since I was about 12, finding something which actually works on spots is often very difficult and, if you’re like me, an obsession. Luckily, ever since I began taking the pill (microgynon 30) I have suffered relatively little acne but when I have it has taken ages to shift. Spots on my cheeks have been especially difficult to deal with as they tend to spread easily and scar.


While I had some success with Witch’s Blemish Stick, Freederm has officially replaced this as my new go-to product for dealing with spots.
It comes in a small tube (10g) which, if stored on the cap, will perpetually continue to empty itself every time you open it. I put the gel on any area of my skin which seems to be developing spots on a night, after moisturising. By morning the area has either stopped developing or comes to a point where it’s easier to deal with. I tend not to wear this under makeup as it flakes off, but bare faced boys and girls could quite easily use it as it is transparent on the skin.
Even with my sensitive skin, it does not dry or irritate, which is good news!
I give this product 9/10 as it really does seem to work for me although others have seen less success. In the UK, the cheapest I have found it is in BodyCare which has stores in most large towns/cities for around £3.99 although it does come up on sale at bigger stores from time to time. Normally it costs £4.99.


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