FOTD Using Sleek I-Divine Palette

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately I have been mega busy with college!, I have quite a few reviews to get through which I promise will be coming soon! But for now I thought I’d do yet another makeup look wearing the eyelashes that Jacqueline sent to me from Hong Kong as most of you will have seen my international swap post.

1  I-Divine Palette i used on 2 i used  I-Divine Palette eyeshadow

Some of you requested that I do a post with me wearing the eyelashes so you can see what they look like on. The eyelashes that I am wearing are these ones:

3 eyelashes from hongkong

The 3rd box of eyelashes in this picture!
I had to cut them down to fit my eye, but they did not go to waste as I used the bit that I cut, on the corners of the bottom lashes! They were comfortable to wear and looked quite natural. My only complaint is that the band that goes on the lash line is quite thick and I prefer mine to be thin so I cant feel that I am wearing any.
4 me wearing the lashes and eyeshadow
The liquid eyeliner I used was Loreal Carbon gloss just to hide the lash line.
5 I-Divine palette i wore
(Woah looking at this picture makes me want to rush into town to get my eyebrows threaded :(! and check out the eyeshadow fall out that I forgot to clean up! IM SLACKING! )
If you have the sleek I-Divine palette I definitely recommend using the bronze, gold and green together together. I never usually wear green eyeshadow I’m more of a neutral girl but I actually think blending the green with the bronze and gold really makes my eyes stand out!
6  3 last colours from this palette
I used the 3 last colours from this palette, If you have brown,hazel or green eyes I would really recommend this look!

I’d love to see what looks you create with this palette if you have it too!

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