Flourish Lip Balms review

Flourish Lip Balms – an Etsy find

Lip balms are a constant companion. Between environmental elements like sun and wind, living in an air-conditioned office and having ‘product swatching’ as a hobby my lips are often dry and in need of a little TLC.

I’ve tried a lot of balms over the years, loved many and hated quite a few but I’m always open to trying out new product – particularly when the price is less than a take-away coffee!

Flourish is a wonderful Etsy store which sells a small but delightful range of products included perfume oils, body lotion, body scrubs, bath salts and lip balms. The balms come in a wonderful array of scents, each with it’s own coloured label.flourish balm

Flourish says – Buttery and super smooth, this balm will condition your lips and provide a subtle shine, and won’t melt in your pocket or get waxy and hard in cold weather. Cocoa and shea butters soothe and condition; castor and jojoba oils add slip and shine. Aloe extract helps moisturize, and beeswax forms a barrier to keep the moisture in, as well as providing the balm with staying power.

The balms retail for a minuscule $3.50US – which I think is great value. Shipping to Australia is $3.00US for one item and each additional item will incur an extra .25USD added to the shipping total. I can happily state that all orders I have made (as I paid for all these products myself) with Flourish have arrived in a safe and timely manner.

I went a little crazy and ordered 7 balms; although I now only have 6 because my mother’s pinched one from me and then sheepishly asked if I could order a few more for her.
flourish lip balm
Passion fruit Rose – a delightful fruity-floral scent with tart passion fruit and creamy rose. It might sound a little weird to have a rose-flavoured balm but it mixes nicely with the passion fruit.

Blood Orange – yum!! This is a juicy, dark orange that reminds me of orange hard-boiled lollies.

Honeysuckle Nectarine – I think this is my favourite, with Passion fruit Rose very close behind. Syrupy white flowers mixed in with ripe, juicy nectarine…delightful!

Black Plum – A nice mild plum scent that’s a little more subtle than some of the other flavours.

Lemon Sugar – creamy, sugary lemon akin to the scent of a lemon tart! Don’t worry; it doesn’t smell like dish washing liquid.

Brown Sugar – a surprisingly realistic scent! This doesn’t taste as sweet as I thought it would but I do love it.

There are plenty more flavours to choose form including Asian Pear, Black Tea, Chocolate Mint and vanilla coconut; to name a few. The balms are wonderful quality, smooth and hydrating without being waxy or crumbly. They are colourless but Flourish also does a range of tinted lip product if you want something with a little colour.