Floral Nail Art Ideas

If you’re a girly girl, I’m sure you love anything and everything floral, including floral nail art. Sure, they can be a challenge to perfect but if you don’t have the time or the skills, you can always opt for nail stickers, nail decals or the service of you local nail bar. Here are some floral nail art ideas that you can use for you next mani sesh.

  • SHABBY CHIC FLORAL – shabby chic has become so popular over the year, they’re practically everywhere! If you love shabby chic, check out these shabby chic themed floral nails. Shabby chic floral nails are often created with very soft, girly colors like pink, purple, teal and blue. Often, other patterns like polka dots and stripes are used as well.

shabby chic white background

shabby chic

  • FLOWERS AND STRIPES – flowers and stripes have a very quirky and whimsical look together. It’s a very interesting combo to sport on your nails and though it may sound a bit weird at first, these two actually work really well together. If you want to spice it up a little further, go for chevron stripes instead of the plain, straight ones.

stripes and floral stripes and florals

  • DAINTY DAISIES – if you’re looking for a floral nail art design that’s easy to make but still looks amazing, why not go with a daisy design? Daisies are so easy to do, you can make them even without special nail art tools. Of course, you can opt for more complex designs, too, if you want. Daisies are also perfect if you want something cheery and summery on your nails.

daisy nail art daisy nails

  • 3D FLORAL NAILS – want to take your nails to the next level? Why not make 3D nail art? It’s actually really easy if you don’t mind having to stick a few embellishments on your nails (and keeping them on for a few days). The only downside to having 3d nails is that the embellishments won’t fall off all at the same time so that means having to deal with incomplete nails for some days.

3d floral fimo nails 3d embellishments floral

  • NEWSPAPER AND FLOWERS – letters and flowers have a very romantic vibe to them. Think love letters in a box along with dried flower petals you kept when your lover first sent you them. Isn’t it lovely? Why not translate that loveliness into nail art? To get it done, you’ll need to apply the newspaper nail art trick and then once it has set, just do little flowers on top. It’s very easy and super cute and chic, too!

letters and florwers letters and flowers nail art


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