Flirty Ways to Look Feminine with Jenny Bernheim

Looking flirty in your feminine style can show off your playful vibe without going too quirky or too classic. The mind behind the Margo & Me blog, Jenny Bernheim is an LA-based fashion blogger known for her feminine, playful, and flirty looks on her street style. Looking for inspiration to keep your looks elevated yet approachable? Keep on scrolling for some style cues to look flirty on your feminine style.

flirty sunglasses with pastel blazer and checkered miniskirt

floppy hat with polka dots dress straw hat with lace dress and metallic wedges sunnies with floral dress and blazer

You don’t always have to opt for quirky fashion style in order to look playful and light on your looks. Wearing your feminine ensembles in a flirty way can make your innocent looks more sleek, chic, and polished. Jenny opted for chic and flirty accessories like a pair of rounded sunglasses, floppy straw hats, feminine heels, and nice set of jewelry to her feminine outfits. Like her, you may skip those highly sophisticated sunglasses with gold trims that can hardly make a flirty look. Instead, oversized, plastic-based frames, and pastel colors can still make you look playful without losing the chic vibe on your looks.

flirty blue dress with white structured bag off shoulder dress with wedge sandals ruffled outfit with chic sunglasses sailor blazer with pussy bow blouse statement top with flirty skirt

Looking flirty may involve some diaphanous, billowy, and feminine style on your clothes. Like Jenny, you may opt for an off shoulder dress with billowy structure, a neutral colored dress with exaggerated ruffles, a pussy bow blouse with a tailored blazer, or a statement top with a flirty skirt. Keep your ensemble chic but avoid them for looking overly polished that will just take away the playful look in you. Flounces, drapes, flares, and ruffles can be your key in looking for flirty structures of outfits for you.

burgundy skirt with tweed blazer flirty lace dress with heels lace blouse with burgundy jumpsuit lace blouse with pastel skirt tulle skirt with striped cropped sweater purple lace dress with chic heels

Fabrics play an important role whether you’ll look flirty, casual, or edgy. So, skip those stiff fabrics like denim, leather, and neoprene that don’t look much feminine and chic. Instead, go for lace, tweed, chiffon, velvet, silk, and other touch-enticing fabric that will make your style gentle and playful. Gentle and feminine colors can be your choice over neutrals and dark shades. Purple, burgundy, and pink as well as pastel shades can spice up your looks without looking too bold on your style.

floral blouse with skirt silk floral skirt with black top floral skirt with striped cropped sweater floral print dress with flirty shoes

Prints and patterns can also say a lot about your personality apart from giving some interest to your outfit. So you may wish for playful prints like floral, polka dots, stripes and such that are not too classic like houndstooth prints and not too bold like leopard prints. Jenny managed to wear a tribal print matching set of blazer and shorts with her crochet crop top, but kept the playful look in her by picking the pastel and subtle shades of her prints.

floral dress with straw hat

Like her, before choosing colors and prints, be sure that it complements your skin tone and suits your mood. After all, your fashion style is a means of expressing your individuality through the clothes you’re wearing. So, be flirty in your feminine looks and create a fashion statement in a playful and gentle way.

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