Flávia Desgranges van der Linden: How to Style Your Lace Ensembles

Delicate, touch-enticing, and feminine, lace ensembles ranging from dresses, skirts, to blouses and blazers are a great addition to spice your feminine style with sophisticated touches. Mind behind the Fashion Coolture blog, Flavia Desgranges van der Linden is a Brazilian-based fashion blogger known for her feminine style featuring lace ensembles, dramatic and rich silhouettes with gold accents, woven prints of metallic silvers, and luxurious textiles. If you’re wondering how to style your lace ensembles with a sense of sophistication and femininity, keep on reading to get some cues from her.

diamond necklace with lace outfit and hat

edgy accessories with lace romper lace outfit with hat and strappy sandals lace shorts with studded clutch red lace top with gold belt

Accessories can make or break your look, so be selective in picking your bags, shoes, and hats that you’ll wear with your outfit. For a boho-chic look, Flávia opts for a cowgirl hat, fringe bag, and a pair of ankle boots to make up her look. If you wish for a sophisticated and elegant vibe, opt for metallic accessories like gold or silver belt, bags with metallic trims, gold and silver jewelry, as well as a diamond necklace that will surely revamp your looks for a formal party. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for an edgy and tough girl looks, opt for leather belts, studded boots, spiked necklace, cocktail rings, or a studded clutch like Flávia did. This way, you can create your desired fashion style without losing your feminine vibe in lace.

lace crop top with skirt and blazer lace skirt with peplum top lace top with wide leg pants

Flávia knows how to play with proportions as she matched her V-neck lace top with more fitted silhouette with a pair of billowy and flowy trousers that created a feminine yet sexy look. If you’re planning to go to a music festival, opt for a crop top and skirt combination made from lace in a color that complements your skin tone. When you wish for a sophisticated look, never wear voluminous pieces with voluminous ensembles without creating a good definition of your waist. Or, just pair them with fitted ensembles like Flávia did.

animal print top with lace shorts checkered skirt with lace blouse feminine floral dress with clutch floral print lace dress with nude heels

Wearing lace ensembles with stylish prints like leopard, stripes, checks, and floral can make your feminine style look more expressive and stylish. You may also pick the color of your prints to match the color of your ensembles to create a more coordinated look. There are dresses, skirts, and blouses in lace with moderate prints that you may look for. Leopard, snakeskin, and zebra give off some edgy vibe while floral prints give some feminine vibe. Just go for prints and patterns that define your personality and complement the mood you’re trying to create.

lace dress with gold belt and red bag and shoes lace top with skirt and chic sunglasses white outfit with lace blazer

Lace fabrics are great for adding some texture to your monochrome outfit as they’re more touch-enticing and feminine than any other fabrics. Selecting the colors that look perfect on you and be mindful of the mood they’re trying to create. For instance, red is associated with passion and revenge while black is known for its elegance depending on how you’re going to wear them.

sleek blazer with lace pussy bow blouse and shorts lace dress with studded jacket lace dress with leather jacket lace blazer with zebra print skirt lace blazer with printed outfit

Balance your look by wearing a lace blazer with your statement making outfit or wearing a leather jacket with your too feminine lace dress. The key lies to creating perfect proportions, balance, and mood that complement your personality and style preference. So, like Flávia, be expressive in your fashion style by wearing lace ensembles with your favorite fashion pieces.

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