Five Shades of Red to Brighten Your Fall Looks

Fall is often known to be the start of the season of dark, warm and rich hues and while that is true, it doesn’t always have to be the case. If you’re someone who likes having fun colors incorporated in your everyday looks, you might already be looking for ways to do that and keep your looks from being dull. Red has always been one of my personal favorite colors just because it’s one of the few hues that you can wear all year round. It’s not muted nor dull yet it’s so easy to pair with so many other colors, light or dark, and it always gives any outfit that nice pop of color. Here are some of the loveliest shades of red to brighten your fall looks.

  • True red – true red is rich and fiery. It’s something that you can wear if you want an accent color that will really pop against the usual neutral fall colors. True red pieces are, if you ask me, more of a daytime color. They’re bright, cheery and somewhat intense which is great for outfits that need that oomph.

true red skinny jeans

true red palazzo pants true red cropped jacket

  • Scarlett – for an even brighter pop of red, opt for something in scarlet. The scarlet hue looks just as sexy as it sounds. It’s a pretty color to wear during both day and night. It’s almost orange-y but it still has the bright red tinge to it. This makes a pretty accent color for dark outfits but it would most definitely look fabulous when worn in print as well.

scarlett red blazer scarlett red bright jacket blazer scarlett red beanie

  • Maroon – maroon is a rather dark shade of red that’s perfect if you want to keep your fall looks dark and warm but not totally dingy and gloomy. It’s very close to burgundy / red wine hues and it goes really well with vampy makeup looks because of the same dark and sultry vibe.

maroon pants outfit maroon cardigan vintage outfit

  • Raspberry red – if you’re looking for a shade of red that’s more feminine and flirty, try going for a raspberry red hue. This shade of red is almost on the pinky-purple-y side and is great for adding a bit of a girly twist to mainstream outfits. You can also wear this color on your hair and even on your makeup look (eye shadow, lipstick, blush) if you’re not afraid to get all matchy matchy.

raspberry red outfit raspberry red dress raspberry bright pants

  • Terracotta red – terracotta red is an earthy red color that blends perfectly with all the other warm and rich fall hues. This color is gorgeous either worn on its own or mixed with lighter neutral hues. It fares well when mixed and matched with darker neutrals, too, especially for edgier looks.

terracotta red top terracotta red coat terracotta red and orange

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