First LUSH Experience… *Lush Cosmetics Review*

Hello everyone! here is my Lush cosmetics review!

Ive never been in or even purchased anything from a Lush shop. I decided it was time to go in and see what all the fuss was about, it always smelt really nice when walking past but i thought all they sold was scented soap. When i went in i was quite shocked as they sell anything from hand cream and moisturiser to face masks and body spray. I wandered around the shop looking at all the delights and trying to find things i actually wanted to buy to try out. Everything has really cute names with full descriptions of whats in the product. I have seen a few people mention the lip scrub in their blog, but if im honest, ive never actually read about it ive just saw the pics but ive always been really curious about it as i do often get really dry lips especially working in an air conditioned environment. 

Lush cosmetics

I did purchase the bubblegum flavoured one along with a face mask, lip tint and a tea tree tablet made for use with a steam bowl for your face and throat.

Lush-bubble gum lip scrub

The bubblegum lip scrub is literally amazing!! all you do is exfoliate your lips using the salts until they are perfectly smoothe but the best thing is that you can lick it off when youre done as its all made from natural ingredients and it tastes amazing!! so sweet! the next day my lips still felt really silky and for the days following. This is definatley a product i have been missing in my life and this size pot will last ages as you need the smallest amount.

Lush- lip tint

Snow fairy pink lip tint. Well i actually purchased this by accident, a when you buy any lip scrub and lip balm you get a lip tint free, however i thought when you purchased a lip scrub you got a tint or balm free. When i left the shop i realised i had payed for it and i wandered back in and questioned the lady and she explained. She should have explained at the till as i could have purcased a balm for the price of this tint and gotten the lip tint free, nevermind! i didnt want to return it as i was confused and anyhow it was only £4.25. It is really nice though and really moisturizing on your lips and tints them for quite a while. A perfect follow up from the lip scrub.

Lush- face mask

Cosmetic face mask. This is really cooling as you need to keep it in the fridge so it is really refreshing when you apply it. It says it is supposed to combat spots and soothe troubled skin with antiseptic fresh garlic, tea tree oil, kaolin and antibacterial honey. You have to leave it on for 10 minutes then wash away with water. It is quite “bitty” and not as smoothe as i would like it, it literally has clumps in the mixture but it still feels really nice on your skin. My skin felt really clean and fresh after using it and the tub lasts for 4 weeks. I do have problem prone skin and its very sensitive thats why i decided to go for this one out of all the rest. I have came out in an allergic reaction on my face but i dont think it was from the mask as it wasnt straight away or the next day, i am a bit jubius about using it again as like i say my skin is quite sensitive but i dont think it was this product as it is all natural ingredients. I used the bodywash out of my glossybox to take my make up off :/ bad i know but i think it is that, that has brought me out.
I did buy the tea tree tablet for steaming my face which i havent used yet but i am looking forward to using it, i also loose my voice quite a bit so id like to see if it helps with that. It was only 80p so i cant really grumble.
All together they came to £15.
Hope you like my purchases and feel free to leave any comments if you have used any of them 🙂

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