Festival Fashion Accessories Check List

Festival season has started and Coachella, one of the biggest and grandest festivals of all time, is just around the corner. Whether or not you’re actually going or have gone to Coachella, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with what goes down during those two fun weekends and I’m pretty sure, too, that you know that aside from the music and the party, one of the biggest things that festival goers really prepare for is fashion. Here is a festival fashion accessories check list that you can refer to when packing for Coachella or any other festival.

  • WIDE BRIM HAT – a wide brim hat is not just going to make your outfit look more posh and stylish, it will also protect your hair from the intense and damaging heat of the sun. Choose a wide brim hat in a neutral color like black or brown or even navy so you can use it with any outfit you may have packed.

wide brim hat outfit wide brim hat

  • SUNGLASSES – sunglasses are also multi-taskers like hats. Sure, they make your outfits look sassier and more stylish but they also offer protection for your eyes against the sun. There are lots of styles for sunglasses that you can choose from but make sure that you choose the styles that flatter your face shape the most. If you’re not sure about this, you can always turn to oversized sunglasses or even aviators as these are the styles that flatter any and all face shapes.

sunglasses aviator style sunglasses for coachella

  • SLING BAG – if you plan on bringing a bag to the festival, make it a sling bag. A sling bag is small enough to carry around conveniently yet big enough to fit all of your essentials for the day like your phone, keys, cards, cash and maybe a few products for touching up. It will also allow you to go hands-free so you can enjoy the festival and rock out to your fave songs.

sling bag eye design sling bag mini

  • JEWELRY – of course, no outfit is complete without at least a piece or two of jewelry to go with your clothes. Festival fashion usually leans more towards the Boho / hippie style so chunky metals layered to perfection are ideal. Of course, you can also add other pieces to the mix as well.

jewelry for coachella jewelry metals for coachella

  • FLAT SHOES – heels never fail to give any look a sexier vibe but the festival grounds may not be the most convenient place to wear them plus, festivals go on all day long so heels may not be the best option at all. Instead, go for flat shoes.

flat sandals outfit flat shoes gladiator style


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