Feminine Ways to Wear Cargo Pants

Though best saved for weekend errand-running, these comfortable, useful, and versatile cargo pants have become a trendy closet staple that can now be worn to the office and for a night out on the town. Characterized by dull colors, loose fit, and large pockets, cargo pants are more functional than stylish. Wondering how to dress them up for a casual chic outfit? Keep on reading to scoop some fashion style ideas on how to wear cargo pants for a trendy, classy, sophisticated, and feminine street look.

basic tee with cargo pants

cargo pants with blazer camo pants with graphic shirt loose fitting cargo pants with dressy top skinny cargo pants with neutral top

Traditionally worn as military wear for soldiers, cargo pants are comfortable and relaxed that’s perfect for casual situations. They come in a variety of styles and cuts that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your taste. Skinny cargo pants that are tailored to taper at the ankles for a tighter fit than regular cargo pants are good choices for more fashionable looks on semi-casual events, especially in dark colors. For wearing at home or for quick shopping trips, you can find loose-fitting, slouchy cargo pants like drawstring cargo pants having a drawstring at the waist instead of the typical zip and button feature. On the other hand, rib waist cargo pants have ribbed waistbands that expand and allow a larger range of motion. Active outings benefit from relaxing straight cuts that fit well but remain loose enough to allow movement. Still, if you want to travel with your hands-free of bags, you may take advantage of your cargo pants pockets as useful, secure storage spaces.

gray cargo pants with shirt leather jacket with cargo pants skinny cargo pants with sweater loose fitting cargo pants

Cargo pants can also vary in color and material. While traditionally come in muted colors like black, brown, white, cream, and gray, bright colors are also common. Cotton and cotton blends are the most common fabric in cargo pants, but nylon, lycra, silk, and even leather are great options. Since cargo pants are casual bottom wears complement them with neutral colors such as white, black, or gray.

cargo pants with casual top cargo pants with crop top safari outfit sequin blazer with cargo pants simple tank with cargo pants

When styling your cargo pants in feminine ways, you can completely turn around a look from cool and casual to stylish and chic. For a cool and casual looks, fitted t-shirts and tank tops are great options as it balances the volume of loose and slouchy cargo pants. Tuck-in the t-shirt and belt the cargo pants with a thin leather belt and make the outfit look more feminine by accessorizing with a statement necklace, feminine shoes, scarf, structured bag, or nude pumps that will complement the tone of your skin making the attire looks more attractive and stunning on you. Women’s cargo pants can also be sophisticated to create a girl’s night outfit for clubbing. Just pair your cargo pants with a sequined cropped tank or cami which will expose your feminine curves that will look sexy and chic.

feminine blouse with cargo pants cargo pants with lace top and jacket cargo pants with casual chic top cargo pants with button down shirt camouflage print pants with chic top

If you’re looking for a perfect top to pair with your cargo pants to the office on Friday or weekend, chiffon tops, lace blouses, or button down shirts add a feminine touch to your look. To personalize the outfit, try complementing the attire with a matching black blazer or cardigan. While boots and sandals work well with them, you can also add the unexpected with ballet flats or open-toed high heel sandals. Finish your look with chic sunglasses and a structured bag for a more feminine feel. This will make the attire look different from others giving you a stunning unique casual outfit in cargo pants.

Women can wear cargo pants for a trendy casual look, dressy look, or chic look. Just wear your loose cargo pants on casual days and your fitted ones with a chic top when you want to look more dressy and sophisticated. With such a range of options, this is a great pair of pants to have on hand for a variety of occasions.


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