Feminine Ways to Wear Button-Down Shirts

Traditionally a piece of men’s clothing, button-down shirts have become increasingly popular in women’s fashion as well. They tend to come in handy on days that call for polished looks for the office or casual-chic looks for street wear. Whether you’re looking to completely alter the appearance of your button-down shirt or just add a bit of feminine flair, keep reading to see some tricks to make this plain shirt look feminine.

button down shirt with cute necklace and leather shorts

Button-down shirts look unisex and manly so spice them up with feminine accessories to make the look work for you. Chunky decorative necklaces can change the appearance of the shirt and can be used for any occasion that gives you an instant statement. You may add long chains, a long pearl necklace, or a crystal pendant under the collar for a more sophisticated look that draws attention to the jewelry and the neckline, but isn’t as flashy as a chunky necklace. Also, adding a simple piece of jewelry that features a colored gemstone like ruby, amethyst, or sapphire can add a twist to a simple button-down shirt without being over-the-top. Silk scarves in creative colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes add some interest to your button-down shirt. The scarf should be placed under the collar of the button-down shirt just like a necktie to add some feminine punch. But if you’re not into jewelry and scarves, then just simply go for a flower pin for a nice, feminine touch.

button down shirt with feminine shorts and lace up shoes button down shirt with belt and skirt button down shirt with sunglasses and sling bag

You can wear belts with button-down shirts to change its entire look whether it’s wrapped around the waist to accentuate the smallest part of the torso, or worn higher up while letting it unbuttoned all over. Feel free to choose any kind of belt whether it’s wide or slim to add a twist to a plain button-down shirt. If you may, you could wear a decorative faux collar for a new look. On the other hand, a structured bag and chic sunglasses instantly give some feminine vibe to your plain button down shirt.

button down blouse with striped pants button down shirt with white jeans V-neck button down shirt with shorts white button down shirt with floral skirt

Since button down shirts can be accessorized to give them a different look, you may go for a more feminine style and structure of button down shirts like classic, ruffled, V-neck, and bow front. All button-down down shirts has a row of buttons down the front that hold the shirt closed. Just go for feminine colors, patterns, prints, and fabrics. A classic button-down has a fitted waist tailored to hug your feminine curves, has an extra flap of fabric to hide the buttons on the front, or even pockets to add some structure. The ruffled button-down shirt has decorative ruffles running up and down the front of the shirt, tightly sewn to the front of the shirt, or even free-flowing ruffles along the front. The collarless button-down does not have a collar that folds down but a V-neckline that may show off your assets. Also, the bow front button down shirt also has decorative fabric on the front that adds some feminine vibe to your chic outfit.

unbuttoned shirt with distressed shorts white button down shirt with ripped jeans button down shirt with faded jeans

When wearing button-down shirts with denim shorts, jeans, or skirts, style your shirts by unbuttoning the buttons creatively. You may create a flattering line from your face down along your neckline by simply unbuttoning the top couple of buttons so the stiffness of your classic button-down is immediately softened. For a more sexy style, unbutton your shirt from the hemline upwards. Also, feminine style of button down shirts like flouncy, voluminous, and flowy ones are great to match with your distressed denim.

button down shirt with leather dress button down shirt with leather trousers leather jacket with button down shirt and white denim

Anything leather instantly adds some edge to your classic button down shirt. Feel free to look for leather dresses, skirts, trousers, and shorts to layer with your button downs. Just be careful wearing a leather jacket as it may toughen your look too much. In this case, add some feminine punch with accessories.

button down shirt with colored skirt button down shirt with embellished floral dress button down shirt with high waist shorts button down shirt with sweater and striped pants

More feminine details like floral prints, embellished designs, colorful patterns, feminine cuts, and even soft fabrics are great to bring some feminine feel to your plain button-down shirt. Fashion blogger Olivia Palermo creative wore a floral designed dress with her classic button down shirt and accessorized with statement jewelry to spice up her unique looks.

female tuxedo with heels button down shirt with suit

If you’re into the female tuxedo style, wear it with your female suit but avoid looking tomboyish or manly on your style by wearing classic pumps or stilettos with your tough looks. This way, you instantly nail two styles at once.



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