Feminine Ways to Wear a Shirtdress

Though most people associate button down shirts with the corporate dress code world that’s stiff and manly, the shirt dress is something you definitely should have in your closet if you’re all about comfort and style. A casual shirt that’s extended to create a dress, shirt dress gives you a choice of hemlines, lengths, and sleeve lengths, so you can create a multitude of outfits from one straightforward dress. Looking for feminine ways to dress it up or down? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks to style your shirtdresses in multiple ways.

denim shirtdress with flannel shirt

denim shirt dress lightweight shirt dress shirtdress with belt

For a quick lunch date or some catching-up-over-coffee session with your friends, go for a denim shirtdress that’s casual and cool. Go for dark denim with a shaped hem and long sleeves that look best with sneakers or boots and a complementary belt to give your waist a beautiful outline. The chambray shirt dress is a lightweight version of denim that shows off the style at its simplest. One with scooped hemline accents tanned legs, while a looser style cinched at the waist with a thin belt is great for a curvy figure.

classy and retro shirtdress cute retro shirtdress retro shirtdress with blazer retro shirtdress

For a classic and retro look, go for a button-down shirt dress that features a collared neck and an A-line silhouette to channel some of that Old World Glam into your look. Plain shirt dresses are fine, but you can add more fun to the look by opting for printed ones, too. Just look for shirtdresses with cute, feminine details like ruffles, puffed sleeve, bib pleats, and belted waist. Classic prints like checks, plaids, polka dots, stripes, and such to keep the looks retro but stylish. Aside from giving you that cool and feminine retro kind of vibe, A-line silhouette tends to make your figure look better, too.

boho shirtdress

Bohemian looks can be achieved by wearing a shirt dress that has an easy and relaxed vibe which is what Bohemian is all about. Go for loose fitting shirt dresses and go for ones with subtle details like fringes, tassels, crochet panels, and embroidery. Don’t be afraid to wear it as a long top, as you may also wear flared jeans or black leggings with it to channel your gypsy vibe.

blue shirtdress navy shirtdress burgundy shirtdress brown shirtdress

If you’re wearing a shapeless shirtdress, you can always wrap a skinny belt around your waist to make it fit or go for a shirt dress with a complementary belt on the shirtdress itself. You may also play with buttons from your top or hemline to create some plunge or slit. For instance, you may unbutton your shirt leaving two to three holes from the top unbuttoned. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a maxi length of a shirtdress, you may leave even 5-8 holes from the hemline unbuttoned. This way, it softens the stiff look of a shirtdress and creates a flattering line for your feminine figure.

checkered shirtdress chic shirtdress with structured bag chic shirtdress shirtdress with statement necklace sophisticated shirtdress striped shirtdress

The minimalist look is great if you want something simple and subtle yet fashion-forward. Just simply go for a neutral colored shirt dress with a simple style and pair it up with no-frill accessories like a belt, a structured bag and shoes. This look is easy, clean and simple to pull off.

shirtdress with sweater shirtdress with jeans shirtdress with jacket

You may also wear some layers with your shirtdress. Jeans, leggings, pencil skirts, shorts, sweater, jackets, and such are great staples to pair with your simple shirtdress. For a sleek and sophisticated look, go for a fitted sweater paired with a shirtdress. You can also pair the shirtdress with a crew-neck or V-neck sweater, but keep in mind that it can make you look slimmer or heavier on top. Prefer V-neck sweaters if you have a short and wide neck because they’re slimming and make most body shapes look lean and elegant. But if you’re more on the casual side, try an oversized or boyfriend cardigan. As with dress pants, try different types of jeans styles such as flared or wide-leg, or high-waist. If you wish to wear it casually, go for jeans with a faded wash and tuck it in or wrap a belt around the waist.

As you have seen, shirtdresses can’t be stiff and manly when styled properly. So be creative and chic styling your shirtdresses for a feminine yet bold statement.


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