Feminine Dressing Tips for Spring

Spring comes with a few trends, but nothing comes close to the classy girly look. Here are some feminine dressing tips that will make you look amazing this spring.

Show Some Skin

Showing some skin is not feasible in the wintertime (unless you live in the tropics, of course.) Make up for the lost time by showing some skin – strategically of course. Wear sheer clothes, shoulder and leg-revealing outfits that are appropriate for springtime. With these feminine dressing tips, you can showcase your womanliness without looking like an FHM model.

black sheer top

off-shoulder top

Let it Slip

Feminine dressing tips involve sexy details, such as the slip dress. As the 90’s most popular dress style, it has recently made a comeback in many runways. Since it can be very sexy, the key to rocking this dress is layering it. Another good way to look decent in a slip dress is to wear it with ‘harder’ elements, such as leather or denim.

white slip dress layered slip dress

Floral is Perfect

Since it is spring time, floral patterns prove to be essential for this list of feminine dressing tips. Although generic, this design can make you look lovely – no matter what the occasion might be. If the blooms are too safe for you, you can always revolutionize your look by wearing florals with surprising details (think about dots or stripes.)

striped top and floral skirt floral top and dotted jeans

Add a Pop of Color

A skater dress is one of the best items to have for springtime. While the neutral colors are obviously safe dresses, feminine dressing tips command that you choose a unique, vibrant color. Spring is all about wearing something out of the box. Unleash the adventurous fashionista in you by sashaying in a brilliantly-colored skater dress.

yellow skater dress orange skater dress

Lace it On…

Lace is included in most feminine dressing tips because of one reason: it is very girly! So if you want to look lovely this spring, then dedicate one day of the week for lace power dressing. Wear it with fierce items for a delicate yet balanced look. Don’t go overboard with the lace, unless you want to look like you are going to prom.

lace top and yellow skirt lace dress and leather jacket

…or Lace it Up

One of the hottest trends to wear this spring season is the lace-up heels. These gladiator-inspired shoes are very lady-like, that is why they are included in most feminine dressing tips. Because of its glamorous design, lace-up heels will surely look good with any outfit. In fact, it can be the focal accessory to your otherwise boring work outfit.

lace-up heels beige lace-up heels

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