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Here is my review Feel Unique !

Feel Unique

 In the first week of January, my Feel Unique box arrived. The box itself is a very sleek, simple design, it reminds me of the Superdrug brand a little.The January box was a collection of “New Year, New You” products, to recover the skin and hair for a fresh new year. Although I’m not a huge fan of creams, I thought that this was a brilliant idea; everyone wants a fresh new year, right?

Feel Unique1

I first thought that my favourite product would be the Magik salt scrub because I generally do love skin exfoliators. This is such a refreshing scrub which leaves your skin super soft. It also has a really nice and light natural smell. However, it left a slightly oily film on my skin, which I’ve experienced from a couple of salt scrubs before and which I really don’t like (it gets really annoying!). Enventually it wares off, but still a huge disappointment for me.

As I said I’m not much of a fan of creams and potions, but I gave it a try. The body lotion by Caudalie has a thick, yet soft consistency and absorbs fairly well so doesn’t feel too sticky on the skin. Overall, I have no major complaints!

Feel Unique2

The Lierac anti-ageing face cream was poor in my opinion. Firstly, for someone in their late teens, this product was inappropriate, but I wanted to give it a try, hoping that it might firm up my skin slightly. Secondly, the smell of the product isn’t pleasant, it’s much too clinical, a bit like the smell of a hospital. Eurgh. The only positive thing is that it did soak into my skin quickly, which is something that I feel is important from a face cream. 

Feel Unique3

The conditioner is for coloured hair. Mine has faded and mostly grown out already, so another product which I felt was a bit inappropriate for me. However, still useful.. I was running out of conditioner. ;] And the natural smell, with a hint of white musk was lovely – reminded me of my mamma. <3

I do love the daily face wash by thisworks. It has such a lush, silky texture. As I have oily/combination skin, I was a bit worried that it would leave my face feeling greasy, but I was surprised to find that my face was completely cleansed and extra soft. I would definitely consider buying the full sized version – It’s lovely!


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