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Favourite High Street Beauty Finds

HI girls ! First of all, I have to apologies for the poor quality of the pictures and for how dirty my makeup is, whoops. But these are a few things which I have been absolutely love which (as the title states) are from the ‘High Street’. Oh, and you might be surprised to see that there is no Collection concealer. Lately, it’s been really drying on my skin and it started oxidizing so it’s been left in the bottom of my makeup bag! Such a shame.

M.U.A Brow kit, 'And on Bronze' Maybelline Color Tattoo, 'Light' Sleek Face Form
M.U.A Brow kit, 'And on Bronze' Maybelline Color Tattoo, 'Light' Sleek Face Form reviewM.U.A Brow kit, 'And on Bronze' Maybelline Color Tattoo, 'Light' Sleek Face Form swatches
Top two colour’s of the M.U.A Brow kit, ‘And on Bronze’ Maybelline Color Tattoo, ‘Light’ Sleek Face Form
To start with, my favourite-est favourite is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade ‘And on Bronze. It costs £4.99 and it’s worth so much more, I honestly wear it about 95% of the time I wear makeup. This is actually the only one I own, which is very sad,but I’m definitely going out to buy a few more just before I fly away on holiday! Generally, when I wear Maybelline Color Tattoo, I will either wear one of the top colours featured in the M.U.A Brow Kit in the crease. I don’t actually use the M.U.A Brow Kit as a brow kit as personally, I dislike it, it doesn’t really create a decent shade for my brows, but for eyeshadow, it’s definitely worth the £3.50 price tag. Sticking with eyes, another great ‘high street’ find is the M.U.A Eyeshadow Primer (which I think the packaging has changed since I bought this!) But it cost £2.50 and it works. It works great if I’m honest. For a cheap primer, I honestly cannot complain at all!Another favourite is the Sleek Face Form Kit which has been raved quite a few times. I mainly use it for the contouring powder which is just perfect for my skin tone! I don’t really use the blush or highlighter but they’re both still gorgeous shades. Another ‘bronzer-y’ product which I love is the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in the shade ‘Sun Tan Matte’. This is actually a face powder but I use this to bronze up my face. Also, I think it’s discontinued which is a shame but places such as Fragrance Direct generally hold them. Lastly, another great ‘High Street’ find is the Superdrug’s Tea Tree & Peppermint Cleanser & Toner. It cost only £2.99 (£2.99!),although I do find it can be too strong for my skin when I use too much but you really feel as if your face is clean after you use it!

What’s your favourite high street finds?
much love, xo