Fat Hair Shampoo Review

Hello there pretties wishing you a good day ahead! here is my Fat Hair Shampoo Review!

I’ve been trying out this shampoo for a couple of months now. here’s what i think!

fat hair shampoo

shampoo by fat hair

3 thickening shampoo fat hair 4 fat hair O calories

6 shampoo thickening by fat hair 7 fat hair shampoo thickening 5 fat hair thickening shampoo

brand: samy
price: so, i got this for around £3.50 from superdrug. it’s lasted me really well and is such good value for money.
promise: ‘fat hair, 0 calories‘ / ‘transforms fine, limp hair into thicker, fuller looking hair’
my review: so, i’ve been using this for a couple of months, and i still haven’t finished the bottle. i wash my hair everyday (i know it’s bad but it’s habit.) so it says it changes fine hair to thicker and fuller looking, i disagree. i naturally have really fine hair and it still feels as fine as it did before. although, i’ve found that this has really stimulated my hair to grow and it looks healthier with a natural shine.
the product also smells quite nice too. although it’s not very strong, it’s a pleasant smell.
its 100% vegan AND, its sulfate and paraben free, so i guess it’s beneficial to more than just your hair.
my rating: with everything considered, i’d probably give this 8.5/10 simply because, it’s cheap and has really made my hair grow.

you should try it out, and see how you get on!

let me know if you’ve tried this,

charlotte x

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