Fashionable Tricks to Look Skinny

We are well aware that a balanced diet and a devoted fitness regimen are the keys to the weight-loss. But, do you wish to look skinny without going to the gym? It is impressive that sporting the perfect clothes for your figure, playing with colors, symmetries, and styling tricks make your look skinny and fabulous. Let’s dig deeper to fashionable tricks on how to make the most of what you’ve got in a strategic dressing.

Wear clothes that fit.

fitted nude dress

Great style is nothing without a good fit. So, you just have to dress in clothes that fit your figure. The most widespread misconception is that bigger clothes will make you look skinny but in fact, the bulks will make you look heavier than you are. Also, outfits should not be tight because this results in the looks of fat rolls. As an alternative, just wear outfits that gently hug your shape without squeezing. Select the right fabrics that don’t add volume such as cotton, denim, silk, or wool. Some fabrics such as cashmere, spandex, and fine cotton basically help slim and shape.

Mask problem areas with dark color.

dark top azure blue skirt navy dress in paneled sleeves

Using dark color to boost a slender illusion is the best trick. It gives an optical illusion of long vertical line that makes you look skinny. While being dressed in head-to-toe black is the most effective, other dark colors too, minimize the amount of shadows that can be seen on your body. Just look for tops, dresses and even slacks with color-blocked panels on the side, particularly panels of a darker tone than the rest of the outfit. If you want to establish your own panels, wear a dark customized blazer or sweater to a vivid color or printed top. One trick to monochrome dressing up is to keep each outline sharp and structured, and stay away from pale colors like beige.

Play with vertical stripes and patterns to create the illusion of a skinny figure.

patterned black and white dress patterned slimming black dress stripes top in red and white

Vertical stripes generate long lines. Hence making you look skinny and taller. Though horizontal stripes dresses look great on super skinny women, round women must be mindful in wearing them on their problem areas. Avoid broad patterns as these can simply make you look even bigger instead of smaller. For instance, if you’re bottom-heavy, adhere to a darker denim jeans with a printed top, which will take away the focus from your bottom half and highlight your smaller upper half, and vice versa.

Show some skin with a V-neckline.

v neckline white outfit v neckline maxi floral dress

The upside-down triangle gives the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body. The more skin shown between face and bust is the more flattering your symmetries will be.

Sport a coat over dress or jeans.

blazer on tank top coat on black dress

Sharp straight outlines and slim lapels of a blazer balanced out excess curves. An open coat is extra-slimming worn over tank tops and dark jeans.

Be mindful of hemlines.

white coat on white dress with black

If you’re striving to give off a skinny look, the key is to be mindful of hemlines. This suggests staying away from capri and pleated pants, baggy shorts, and calf-length skirts. As a substitute, opt for straight jeans in a darker wash that hit precisely at your ankle or an inch below. This will lengthen your figure, in particular when matched with stilettos, ankle boots, or flats. In skirts, a knee-length pencil skirt is the most complementing outline that hit right above the knee.

Elongate your legs with the right shoes.

nude heels stilleto burgundy sandals

If you want your legs to appear a bit longer, then consider nude shoes that will blend in with your skin tone. Also, look for pumps with somewhat pointed toes and thin heels that will lengthen the slim figure of your calves. On the contrary, the square-toes, chunky styles, and thick ankle straps, will set the visual appearance of a shorter leg. Wear heels about two or more inches and above as it elevates the body and makes clothes fall better. If possible, choose heels with a low-cut vamp.

Use jewelry strategically.

gold neclace in simple nude top long neclace in crop top outfit

If you’re being dressed in a shapeless dress or oversized jumper, wear a long pendant necklace or scarf to draw the attention to the front and center of your body. Also, stacks of bangles, and cocktail rings pull the eye to wrists instead of upper arms.

Take advantage of these fashion tricks for you to look flawless and fit!




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