Fashionable Color Mixings to try this Winter

Winter is fast approaching and we all know what that means: it’s time to layer up. But in our quest to keep warm, we tend to gravitate towards dark and dreary colors. This should not be the case, especially for a fashionista like you! Make your winter style merry like the coming holidays with these jovial color mixings:

Green and Purple

Stand out from the sea of monochromatic colors by mixing green and purple. The hues look surprisingly great together, as seen below.

green top and violet skirt

violet sweater and green pants

Pairing green and purple is not necessarily about selecting clothes in these colors. You can also accomplish this color pairing by injecting accessories in the mix, such as the example below.

green coat and violet bag

Mustard and Blue

If the blizzard outside is bringing you down, then make sure to wear the lively tandem of mustard yellow and blue. The colors are so cheerful – guaranteed to inject some merriment into your foul mood.

mustard dress and blue heels

mustard jacket and blue striped top

Violet and Silver

Christmas is all about sparkle. Look shimmering in your winter clothes by pairing silver with violet. While these colors are great for all women, they do look better in ladies with cooler skin tones. The underlying blue tones in violet make fair-skinned women stand out more.

violet top and silver coat

violet dress and silver coat

Red and Gold

A red and gold tandem might make you look like a Christmas ornament – but you can get away with this by choosing darker reds, such as burgundy or cranberry.

red top and gold belt

A great thing about these toned-down scarlets is that they work with every type of skin. Of course, gold is added to the mix to incorporate a festive touch to your holiday wardrobe.

red skirt and gold heels

Pink and Silver

Silver might be shimmery, but it can be boring to look at. Add life to your otherwise stale silver outfit by injecting pink into your style equation. Hot pinks are great for casual events, although light pinks are perfect for all occasions.

pink top and silver clutch

pink blazer and silver skirt

Don’t make your winter wardrobe as cold as the temperature outside. Make yours hot and merry with these lively color mixings.

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