Fashion Tricks to Draw Attention Away from Your Flaws

Though dressing glamorous and sophisticated make us feel great about ourselves, sometimes our flaws make us too conscious taking away the confidence in us. A great thing, you can always conceal your flaws so that your assets will stand out instead. Looking for fashion tricks to draw attention away from your flaws? Keep on scrolling to be confident and stylish without worrying your flaws to be revealed.

statement belt and clutch with white dress

gladiator sandals with feminine dress chic hat with lace outfit

One of the best fashion tricks is to wear statement or stylish accessories to be the focal point of your outfit redirecting the focus of the eyes from your flaws. A chic hat, scarves, statement sunglasses, gladiator shoes, gold belt, elegant clutch, and a bold colored bag are great way to steal attention. As when you have something bright, fun, bold or sparkly on, the eyes immediately focus on that and your flaws become less noticeable.

elegant jewelry

Sometimes, diamonds and other jewelry can help diminish our flaws and accentuate our best features. When you’re having a triangular face shape, wear choker necklaces and triangular earrings to add width to the chin and bring attention to your eyes. Avoid dangling necklaces that will only accentuate your chin. On the other hand, if you have round face and wish to accentuate your features, stick with curved earrings like small buttons or large round ones. On the contrary, find earrings that do not mimic the face’s roundness or use a pendant-style necklace to draw more of a triangle around your face to shift attention away from the roundness of your face. If you have a big bust that you want to downplay, avoid necklaces with long chains to keep the eyes from noticing what you’re trying to conceal.

bright colored scarf with neutral outfit colorblocked shirt with polka dots shirt neon green coat neon skirt with black blazer neon yellow dress with leather jacket

You can play with colors to hide your flaws at the same time accentuate your assets. You may determine whether your skin tone is better suited to hot or cool accents and pick those shades. If you’re someone who has a tendency to rely on black to look slimmer when dressing up, you may rely on color blocking tricks instead that lets you wear brighter colors while still giving a more trimmed silhouette. The neon colors also tend to camouflage your flaws as it draws the eye to the color itself.

checkered outfit animal print dress floral print blazer and pants funky print skirt with black top

If you’re not a fan of colors, you don’t have to wear baggy clothes just to conceal your flaws but instead wearing prints head to toe is a much more stylish way. You can wear matching prints head to toe or if you’re feeling adventurous, wear different prints for your top and bottom pieces. Patterns and prints will trick the eyes into seeing a better silhouette so it works well on days when you don’t feel to great about your body. Also, quirky prints, funky prints, and novelty prints are great to steal some attention in a flattering way.

sequin pants with pussy bow blouse striped sequin dress fur dress with neutral coat fur jacket with skinny pants fur skirt with classic top

Wearing eye catching fabric like metallics, furs, sequins, patent leather and such are great to let you stand out from the crowd while at the same time concealing your flaws. Just keep your looks balanced and don’t wear statement pieces all at once as it will only make you look trying hard and unnatural.

all black outfit with navy coat with chic hat gray dress

If you feel monochrome dressing feels boring, it’s actually one of the best fashion tricks to make you look slimmer and hide your flaws in a classic way. Monochrome color scheme creates a vertical image whether it is in a light or dark shade that makes your bulges and flaws less visible. So feel free to pick white, gray, black, navy, and brown to show off your style in a classic way.


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