Fashion Trends for Different Body Types

All of us possess different body types – curvy, petite, tall, and boyish, to name a few. Although it can be said that certain fashion trends work with only a set body type, the latest styles beg to differ. Here are some ways that can help you rock fashion trends according to your own body type.


Colorblocking is one of the hottest trends of today. Here are the ways that you can wear it, according to your body type.

Petite – Wear a colorblocked dress that goes high up the waist. The lower end can help you create the illusion of longer legs.

colorblock dress petite

Tall – Choose a colorblocked dress with a high neckline and below-the-knee length, as these details will complement your towering stature.

colorblock dress tall

Curvy – Make sure that the colorblocked edges sit on your waist, so as to accentuate your hourglass figure.

colorblock dress curvy

Boyish – Opt for a dress with colorblocked elements near the bust as this can help create a curvy feminine figure.

colorblock dress boyish


Cutout fashion trends can be dangerous especially if the dress isn’t suited for your body type. You can, however, rock this style by heeding the following rules:

Petite – Show the sides of your torso – and wear a super-short skirt – to emphasize your long, lean legs.

cutout dress petite

Tall – Pick a dress with side cut-outs to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

cutout dress tall

Curvy – Pick a cutout dress that shows the top half of your stomach. This is generally firm so you don’t have to worry about demonstrating your flabs.

cutout dress curvy

Boyish – For this frame, it is essential that you show your chest. Just wear the right bra to create a cleavage that can feminize your shape.

cutout dress boyish


Draping is one of the fashion trends that should be treated with care. Make sure to follow these tips according to your body type:

Petite – Heavy draping can dwarf your already miniscule stature. Prevent this from happening by picking a dress with light or just one round of draping.

draped dress petite

Tall – Tall ladies oftentimes have lanky frames. If you want to make yourself look more feminine, choose a dress with drapes that accentuate the waist.

draped dress tall

Curvy – The case of the drapes is the same with curvy ladies. Avoid looking bigger than you already are by belting a draped dress.

draped dress curvy

Boyish – Athletic ladies often have the same case with tall ladies. To create an hourglass figure, boyish girls need a draped dress that accentuates the waist.

draped dress boyish

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