Fashion Tips We Can Get from Chiara Ferragni

Chiarra Ferragni of The Blonde Salad is one of the most stylish bloggers out there. Following her on various social media platforms, I’ve noticed that she indeed lives a stylish life which she couples up with a glamorous wardrobe. While not everyone of us may live such a lifestyle, we sure can at least try to dress like her. Here are some of the best fashion tips we can get from Chiarra Ferragni.


  1. Always wear the right shoes – your shoes may be the smallest part of your whole ensemble, but they can surely make or break your look so wearing the right pair of shoes all the time is important. Pro tip from Chiarra: sit when taking OOTD snaps for Instagram so it’s easier to show your shoes in the photos without sacrificing aesthetic value.chiarra white shoes and unicorn denim jacket
    bold look chiarra ferragni
  2. Never be afraid to try something new – this is a style principle that many fashionistas live by. Not every single trend will look good on you, that’s a give, but it’s all worth trying if it means finding one that will flatter you in all the right ways, don’t you think?chic black and white outfit chiarra velvet shoes and dress
  3. Dress out of the box – so everybody is wearing this kind of top with that style of pants, why do the same? Thinking out of the box is not enough when it comes to fashion and style, you have to translate your thoughts into real outfits and dress out of the box too! You never know when you’re going to set a new standard or get a new trend going if you don’t try.bold knit sweater all red outfit
  4. Invest in the basics – as important as it is to get with the current trends in fashion, having a good set of basics is always a good idea. These basic items will always come in handy when you’re trying to tone down a crazy look or when you’re layering or just in need of something safe and familiar to take a break from all the bold trends you’ve been wearing lately.basic chic look basic bodysuit and jeans
  5. Opt for non-boring t-shirts – t-shirts are basic enough so why not have a little fun with them instead of leaving them plain and boring? Take a page out of Chiarra’s fashion playbook and always go for non-boring shirts. Statement shirts, band shirts, embroidered shirts, printed shirts — these are just some of the ways to wear a shirt that’s not boring but still safe and stylish.david bowie shirt and mom jeans tshirt and sequin skirt


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