Fashion Tips for Tall Women

When it comes to fashion, tall women face a lot of obstacles, such as finding the proper fit and proportion. Given your amazing height, you need not worry about these style problems anymore! Just make sure to follow these foolproof fashion tips for tall women:

Contrast is Chic

Want to modulate your height? Then choose contrast. Wear a bright top and a neutral-colored bottom, or vice-versa. These conflicting colors create horizontal line break at the middle, thereby muting your towering height.

white wide legged pants

Other fashion pieces that can tone down your height are asymmetrical tops and wide belts.

white one shoulder top

black wide belt

When it comes to office wear, nix the monochrome suit. Instead, go for separates, such as a neutral blazer and a floral skirt. A structured top can help emphasize your slender torso.

white blazer black pants

Balance is Important

Loose clothing can make you look bigger. But if you like wearing flowy clothes, make sure to inject balance in the mix. For example, if you are going to wear wide-legged pants, pair it with a form-fitting top.

white wide leg pants

It’s All About the Length

How do you want people to see you? If you want to downplay your God-given height, then choose medium-length skirts and dresses.

blue medium length skirt

But if you want your height to stand out, choose floor-length skirts and dresses.

black maxi skirt

The Longer, the Better

When it comes to selecting jackets, choose longer styles as these can make you look shorter.

long black jacket

Choose High-Waisted Pants

Tall women often lack the natural curves. Channel a sexy, hourglass look by dressing up in high-waisted pants.

high waist jeans

The Shoe Matters

If you are conscious about your height, then your best options are flat shoes.

cute leopard flats

But if you want to make your legs look greater, you can wear low heels, ranging from half to one inch. These heights can glamorize your gams – without making you look like a goliath.

low heel shoes

Learn to love your tall height. Make the most out of your stature by following these sophisticated fashion tips for tall women.

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