Fashion Tips and Tricks from Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia is one of the most respected people in the fashion world. Being the Creative Director for Marie Claire magazine, Nina is one of the few people who get first dibs on what’s going to be the hottest trends for the coming seasons. Her personal sense of style is impeccable, too, and a lot of women (myself included) look up to her as a style and fashion icon. Here are a few fashion tips and tricks from Nina Garcia that we’ve learned over the years.

  • PERFECTLY ROLLED UP SLEEVES – rolling up the sleeves on your shirt can really give it that effortless street style vibe but this little styling trick is pretty easy to mess up and when you do mess it up, it could leave you looking rather sloppy. To get the perfectly rolled up sleeves every time, Nina Garcia suggests that you roll up the sleeves before wearing the shirt. This way, you don’t have to wrinkle up more fabric than needed and you don’t have to worry about whether they look symmetrical or not.

rolled up sleeves on shirt

rolled up sleeves rolled up sweater sleeves

  • CARING FOR LEATHER LEGGINGS – leather leggings are perfect for achieving a sleek and sexy street style look but when you use your leather leggings too much, they tend to frump up and lose their shape. The solution? According to Nina Garcia, you can put your leather leggings in a Ziploc bag and throw it in the freezer to help it keep its shape. The same trick can be applied to sweaters that tend to shed, too.

leather leggings and white peplum top leather leggings and chambray shirt leather leggings

  • HER SHOES OF CHOICE – Nina Garcia knows pretty well how hard it is to walk in heels and for all the ladies out there who are wondering if there is any kind of heels at all that hurt less than the usual ones, Nina’s answer is yes. Nina recommends going for platform heels over those with thin soles. These support the feet better which results in less strain.

platform heels platform nude pumps platform shoes

  • ON MAKING SURE THAT YOU DON’T GO OTT – going over-the-top is always a no-no when it comes to fashion (at least that is if you want to look chic and classy) which is why Nina Garcia always makes it a point to tell girls to edit, edit and edit their outfits before they leave the house. One rule she has that works is “if you are wondering if it’s too much, it probably is”.

simply chic simple outfit and accessories simple and chic outfit

  • LEARN THE BASICS OF STYLE – knowing what looks good on you, which pieces to invest on, what trends to follow and how to mix things up to get the most of the pieces already in your closet are just some of the basic principles of style that Nina wants everyone to know. These and more can be found in her book “The Little Black Book of Style”.

stylish outfit stylish fab outfit stylish striped outfit

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