Fashion Styles Inspired by the Women of “The Big Bang Theory”

“The Big Bang Theory” is a popular comedy show that follows the life of 4 nerds, their girlfriends and the subsequent ruckuses that they make. With viewership that exceeds 20 million, the show’s colorful characters have served as fashion icons for many – smarty-pants or not. Own the female characters’ geek chic looks with these styling suggestions:

Penny: Bright and Colorful

Penny – the aspiring actress and Dr. Leonard Hofstadter’s main squeeze – is the only non-genius of the bunch. Although this is the case, she manages to inject her bubbly personality and love for Hollywood to the group’s mental equation.

kaley cuoco as penny

printed top and high-waisted short
Although Penny is from Nebraska, she is known for her ‘California girl’ look. Case in point: she is often seen in bright pieces and floral attires. Get her look by choosing vibrant hues and busy prints. Pair them with cut-off shorts for the summer and skinny jeans for all the seasons of the year.

floral burgundy dressblue top and floral skirt

Bernadette: Classical and Cheery

Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski, an accomplished microbiologist, is Howard Wolowitz’s wife. Small but terrible, her bossy personality overpowers her small stature.

bernadette rostentowski

Her fashion aesthetic is mostly classic (more of the 50’s,) with her tight cardigans, busy floral dresses and dark hosiery. It can be said that Bernadette’s look fits the cheery air of Christmas.

pale cardigan and floral dressplaid dress and blue cardigan floral dress and black cardigan

Amy: Unique and Eccentric

Neurologist Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon Cooper’s fashion interest, is as awkward as her squeeze. Although this is the case, she has finally emerged out of her cocoon – with the help of Penny, Bernadette, and the rest of the gang.

amy farrah fowlerAmy’s fashion sense is unconventional by most norms, yet she wears it with such confidence. If you don’t care much about what people say about you – or if you wish to break fashion norms – then Amy’s style is more up your alley. The way she mixes prints and quirky textures (think corduroy and argyle) is what makes her style so uniquely chic. geek chic outfitdot top and yellow sweater printed poncho and chambray top

The Big Bang Theory’s ladies are undoubtedly hip and fashionable. Get their popular geek chic look by dressing up in their signature style pieces.

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