Fashion Style Tips to Learn From Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe has long been gone, but her fashion impact remains until today. More than just a sexy bombshell, Marilyn is known for her unique style – something that was frowned upon during her heydays. Although times have changed since then, know that there are many fashion style tips that you can pick up from the late Marilyn Monroe.

Follow your Heart

This does not only apply to your love life. Following your heart is essential in fashion as well. If you would look through Marilyn’s fashion style tips, you will see that she was not afraid to make her own fashion mark. Likewise, you need to ask yourself, “What is my signature style?” Don’t be afraid about what others will say about you. What’s important is that you feel pretty and comfortable in the clothes you are in.

marilyn monroe signature style

Embrace your Curves

It doesn’t matter whether you are curvy, apple-shaped, or pear-shaped. What’s important is that you love your curves. This is one of the best fashion style tips you can get from Marilyn Monroe. You will never see her in loose, unflattering clothes. Be like her – be proud about your body, especially the parts that you love. Flaunt them and you will feel oh so sexy!

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Most fashion style tips advice wearers to be simple. But if you were to follow Marilyn’s footsteps, you know that she will say otherwise! The actress is known for her penchant for accessories. After all, it can brighten up any outfit, no matter how plain or gloomy it might be. Like Marilyn, make sure to inject some lovely accessories into your ensemble – especially if you have boring or strict workwear rules.

marilyn jewelry marilyn diamond jewelry

Short is Sweet

Many ladies prefer a long hairdo, but Marilyn Monroe showed the world that short hair can be sexy too! With that being said, you can rock a short do simply by following the actress’ fashion style tips. While maintenance is not a problem with short hair, you should be religious with your hair regimen. Avoid heat at all costs – or use them sparingly. You wouldn’t want to damage your hair by straightening, curling, or treating it frequently.

marilyn short hairstyle short hairstyle marilyn short hair

See Red

Marilyn Monroe is known for many things, but her trademark look proves to include her luscious rouge lips. Like her, you shouldn’t stay away from red lipsticks. The key to rocking this look, however, is to avoid overdoing your lips. Lightly line your lips with a neutral color. Apply your red lipstick and blot your lips with tissue for a naturally enticing look.

marilyn monroe red lips marilyn monroe red lips_ marilyn monroe red lipstick

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