Fashion Style How-To: Pretty Parisian Chic

French women are known for many things, but they are widely popular for their distinct sense of style. Simple yet elegant, this trend is fondly called ‘Parisian Chic.’ If you want to take this to the streets – or just wow everybody in the office – then here are some tips that can help you achieve Parisian chic right at your own hometown.

Wear a Stylish Striped Top

A striped top is very basic for most, but it is the fundamental piece for those who want to channel a Parisian chic style. Simple yet stylish, a striped top can keep you modishly warm this cold season.

striped top

Cropped Pants

Often paired with a striped top, cropped pants is a hot choice amongst Parisian belles. More than just comfy, it is super trendy – and easy to match.

cropped pants

Try a Trendy Trench Coat

One of the hallmark pieces of a Parisian chic look is a trench coat. While it stem from the fact that France is generally cold, a trench coat is as fashionable as it is functional.

trench coat

Go Back to Basics

When you look at Parisian streetwalkers, you will notice one thing: they wear basics, but they make it look so damn good. You can be just like them by wearing your basic items (such as a little black dress) with much flair and confidence.

colorful parisian style black off shoulder top

Sport a Pair of Sunglasses

Whatever the weather might be (although it is most advisable if it is sunny,) sport a pair of Audrey Hepburn-ish sunglasses. Unmistakably glamorous, this fashionable piece is a great accessory. Most importantly, it is a good way to hide the results of unprecedented all-nighters and nasty hangovers.

little black dress sunglasses

Have Fun with a Floppy Hat

Headwear is a pivotal piece in Parisian chic style. To revel in this style, complete your look with a floppy hat. You might not be used to it, but this chic gear can make you trendy – as it protects your eyes from the glaring sun.

parisian chic in the park elegant parisian style

Bring Out the Beret

While artists are often seen in berets, Parisian chic style gives you the freedom to don this headwear as well. A trendy piece to keep your head warm during the winter, a beret can also make you look elegant – even in the summer.

parisian chic beret

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