Fashion Rules worth Breaking Now

We all know that fashion isn’t just something that we are obsessed with, it’s also a form of art. There are some people who look stylish without even trying but many of us have to exert some kind of effort so we can look cute and up to date with the most recent fashion trends. Now, along with wanting to be fashionable, there are fashion rules which we are ‘told’ to follow (especially when there are new trends) but did you know that you don’t really have to? If you’re brave and bold and experimental and you’re always looking for fashion adventures, I bet going against the rules thrills you, right? Well, here are a few fashion rules worth breaking now. Try some out and let us know how it went for you!

  • Stick to one metal color – you’ve probably done the warm vs cool skin tone test by now and are buying your jewelry based on the results. People who are warm are said to look better with gold jewelry while those with cool skin tones are said to look better with silver but if you don’t know whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, you don’t have to stress out. Simply mix gold and silver together in one look! Don’t worry about sticking to one metal. You can even throw rose gold in to the mix if you’d like.

gold and silver together

silver and gold jewelry inspiration

  • Matching shoes and belt – they say when you opt to wear a belt with your outfit, it should somehow match your shoes. While that may work, it’s not totally necessary at all. Don’t stress yourself looking for a belt to match your shoes if you don’t have one. You can wear one color on your belt and another on your shoes, they don’t really have to match.

braided belt and peep toe shooties neon belt neutral shoes gold belt red shoes

  • One pattern at a time – at this point there’s no explaining even needed. I mean, come on! If wearing two patterns together in one look is such a huge no-no, then how does the print on print pattern look sooooo good? Click here for tips on rocking the print on print trend and see how you can mix and match prints like a pro.

chic printed outfit floral stripes and checks outfit print on print black and white otufit

  • No sequins during day time – fashion rules like this should just be forgotten about, really. Sequins are great for daytime! They give any daytime (and nighttime) outfit that nice pop of glamour that you need if you’re feeling extra gorgeous and sassy for the day. Go ahead and wear sequins during the day (click here if you need help on how to do it). Just make sure you don’t go overboard by keeping it to one sequined piece at a time.

chambray and sequins outfit sequined jacket for daytime street style sequined pants

  • All-white outfits for Labor Day ONLY – meh. I don’t know about you but I love me a good, crisp, head to toe white outfit on hot summer days, Labor Day or not. Don’t stash away your whites after Labor Day and especially don’t save them for it either. Wear an all white outfit whenever you like and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Check out this quick guide on how to sport white from head to toe.

all white summer outfit girly white outfit all white outfit for fall

  • Less is more for accessories – this rule may work for some of you but not for those who like to go big and go bold. Stack up your bracelets and bangles, layer your jewelries and wear an earring on each and every piercing your have on your ears and forget about fashion’s less is more rule.

layered dainty necklaces layered and stacked accessories summer arm candy

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